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Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge

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    • Offers hours of fun in the snow
    • Excellent design for sliding down slopes
    • Safety control speed, with strong construction
    • Ages 5 upwards
    • Choice of three colours
    • WATCH VIDEO to see it in action
    "Love the snow? This Freestyle Mini Luge is the most exhilarating way to go sledding. It makes a great Christmas gift: take the family out with their new Zipfy"" Mini Luges to the park and you'll be amazed how easily you'll carve down the hills.

    Unlike most other snow sleds and toboggans, the Zipfy"" Mini Luge has a handle, and you can steer by leaning into your turn.

    The strong construction can hold 250lbs/115kg and is suitable for ages 5 upwards.

    The wearing of helmets and safety goggles is strongly recommended.

    Choose from Blue, Pink, or Red.

    Size: 21""L x 13""W x 16""H"

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