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Window Alert Maple Leaf Decals (Pack Of Four)

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    Window Alert Leaf, pack of 4
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    • Help keep our feathered friends safe
    • No more window collisions
    • Uses ultraviolet technology
    • No adhesives necessary
    Birds can be hurt if they crash into your windows or French doors and these ingenious window alert stickers save them from injury when placed on your window panes; they use special UV technology so that your feathered friends will see a glowing purple leaf to warn them before a collision happens, while all you'll see is a subtle, pretty maple leaf decal.

    Useful too for pet dogs who have a tendency to run at glass doors as these stickers will give them warning that there is a barrier between them and the neighbour's cat in the garden!

    These pretty leaves attach using static attraction so there's no need for adhesives and no sticky residue if you remove or move them.

    Use 1 per square meter. 11.5 x 11.5 each.
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