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Whisky Tasting Kit

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    Whisky Tasting Kit
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    • The perfect gift for a whisky lover
    • Write your own notes on what you think
    • 5 x 30ml
    • Hand-finished gift box
    Become your own whisky connoisseur with this beautiful and unique gift set containing 5 miniature bottles of different Island or specially aged, single and blended malts to savour and enjoy. Presented in a luxury box, the whiskies each have a tasting card giving information on the distillery, region, maker or bottler, a photograph of the original bottle, flavours to look out for, strength and more.
    This Whisky tasting set provides all you need to make whisky tasting an educational and enjoyable experience, whether on your own or with a group of friends. 18+

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    Product Review
    Whiskey Tasting Set
    This gift for Christmas has a quality look and feel about it, I like the booklet that tells you all about the drinks and also how you are able to write your comments so that you can look out for the brand when buying whiskey
    Reviewed by:
    Roger Hyde
    Service Review
    It took a bit longer to arrive than I thought it would but absolutely no problem with the ordering process
    Reviewed by:
    Roger Hyde
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