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What Doctors Don't Tell You - Heart Disease

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    • Informative guide about Heart Disease
    • Interesting facts included
    • Drug-free alternatives
    • Drawing on 27 years of research
    In the traditional Western medical world many patients aren't told the full story of Heart Disease and how to get better - nor are they warned about some of the limitations and side effects of conventional treatments.

    Did you know that aspirin could be one of the major causes of stroke? Or that the standard method of measuring blood pressure is flawed? This ground-breaking book draws on 27 years of research to reveal the true causes of heart disease and offer a myriad of solutions for maintaining a healthy heart. From the drugs to avoid, the lifestyle habits to embrace, dietary changes to make and alternative remedies available, there is lots of information in this book for you to discover.

    Most importantly, What Doctors Don't Tell You, reveals that it's never too late to make beneficial changes to control - and even reverse - the symptoms of heart disease.

    Paperback. 210 pages.

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