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What Doctors Don't Tell You - Arthritis

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    What Doctors Don't Tell You - Arthritis
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    • Informative guide about arthritis
    • Drug-free alternatives
    • Drawing on 27 years of research
    In the traditional Western medical world, many patients are not told the full story of Arthritis and how to get better - nor are they warned about some of the limitations and side effects of conventional treatments.

    Did you know that some surgeries do not guarantee healing but instead could lead to more serious conditions? Or that other treatments may have life-threatening side effects? With this ground-breaking book, you no longer have to accept Arthritis as an unwelcome consequence of growing older, but instead make informed decisions about your health, and the health of your family members.

    Drawing on 27 years of research into conventional and unconventional treatments, this book reveals a wide array of options to relieve pain, improve movement and even reverse the condition. It includes dietary changes, drug-free alternatives, complementary medicines, and mind-body therapies - many with a proven track record of success.

    A must-read for anyone with arthritis who has been told that nothing can be done to help them.

    Paperback. 210 pages.

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    Product Review
    Useful but boring
    Would much rather have a much shorter book with more bullet points. I struggled to extract 'what to do to help myself' from acres of research results. Also, less use to those of us with arthritis causing sciatica than for people who have other joints affected.
    Don't Know
    Reviewed by:
    barbara jane
    Product Review
    An excellent read.
    I couldn't put this book down. It has so much useful information.
    Reviewed by:
    Lynda Geach
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