We're Totally Spaced Out!

Published on Wednesday, 23rd November 2016
Hey Qwerkiteers! Are there any aspiring astronauts in your family? Any space specialists? How about novice NASA recruits in training? We have some brilliant gifts that are out of this world!

Deep Space


This is a splendid gift for any budding stargazer! They can sleep beneath the stars in the comfort of their own bedroom (until they’re old enough to visit the Isle of Saark!). The all in one projector, planetarium and night light comes with 3 discs featuring 24 colour images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope and three interchangeable domes.


Discover Space


Your little ones can discover the wonders of space, our solar system, the galaxies and the universe with this fascinating set. They can put together and paint their very own model solar system and use the colour information booklet to learn about the planets, volcanoes on Mars, the craters on our moon, living in space, the raging storm on Jupiter that seems to go on forever, and much more.


Freeze-Dried Ice Cream



Chow down space style with this freeze-dried ice cream. We may not be able to take you to space, but we can let you eat like an aspiring astronaut! Originally developed for the early Apollo Missions, this ''space treat'' is freeze-dried so they will last forever. As you eat them your mouth rehydrates the contents to its original delicious state. Choose from Neapolitan Ice Cream or an Ice Cream Sandwich.


2017 Guide To The Night Sky

This brilliant book is perfect for any star gazer. Containing month-by-month chapters, you can learn to identify stars and constellations at any time of the year. Each chapter features a map detailing which stars you will see, information on the stars, moon and planets for that month and a calendar of celestial happenings.



You’ll be starry-eyed with this fabulous stellarscope (wonderfully modelled by Michael…). This amazing gadget allows you to view the stars with one eye whilst identifying them on an illuminated built-in star map with the other. It allows you to discover the magic of 70 constellations and 1,500 stars.


Apollo 11 Jigsaw Puzzle

Celebrate Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon in 1969 with this challenging Jigsaw. Featuring a classic Haynes manual style anatomical drawing of the infamous space rocket, Apollo 11, it’s a great gift for any space fan or puzzler. With 1,000 pieces to fit together, it’s sure to keep space fans quiet for a while!


Earth Space Photography Book

Take a tour of the universe with this fascinating collection of photographs from the archives of NASA. With over 100 breath-taking photographs of Earth, our solar system and deep space, all with explanatory information, this book cannot fail to impress! This mesmerising book will have you contemplating the wonders of the universe.





Alice Scott Porcelain Coasters

Add some space style to your coffee table with these gorgeous astronomy themed coasters.



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