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We're So Egg-cited!

Published on Tuesday, 11th April 2017
Tis the season for decorating eggs, so we thought we'd have a go at doing our own mini egg self-portraits!


  We decided to use our Erasable Felt Tip Pens for the finer details on our little eggies. Obviously, we're all brilliant artists (I mean, look at these!) and we would never make any mistakes, but you could actually just wipe the designs off the eggs
with a damp cloth.

The Erasable Felt Tip Pens come as a set of 12 colours, and are great fun for
doodling with!

For the slightly bolder colours for the Little One and Biscuit eggs, we used these brilliant Paint Sticks. You can add bold colourful brushstrokes to paper (or an egg!) without picking up a paintbrush!

A fantastic mess-free alternative to ordinary paints, these Paint Sticks are filled with ready-to-use poster paint that you apply to paper just like a pen. Plus, they're currently in our Easter Sale! Snap them up while you can!

And here are our little "egg-speriments"!   

Of course, there had to be a winner, and we felt that Benji went above and beyond the call of duty; sacrificing a lock of his little girl's Barbie doll's hair!

Ben now has bragging rights as the most eggs-celent Easter egg decorator in town!

Have you been decorating any Easter eggs, Qwerkiteers?

Send us some photos on Instagram using #Qwerkity!

Hop to it!

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