Unusual, Practical and Fun Gifts for Every Dad!

Published on Tuesday, 20th May 2014
The perfect Father's Day gift can be hard to find - but we are here to help!

Stuck for gift ideas this Father’s Day? Look no further, we’ve got a great range of quirky gifts to suit every Dad out there!

Chef Dads
If your Dad thinks he’s the next Jamie Oliver and loves to make the kitchen his own, our King of the Kitchen Chopping Board is for him!

Our Labrador Glass Worktop Saver meanwhile is perfect for all dog lovers, while our Enamel Mussel Pot is the perfect way to make an unusual treat more accessible to those who love their seafood. 

Consider our Chilli Mill for a Dad who likes it hot!

Dads who love their sheds
The shed: a place of happy solitude for an awful lot of Dads. Help him claim it as his own with our personalised Man Cave sign, or give him a laugh with 50 Sheds of Grey.

Foodie Dads
If your Dad loves his food and is always up for trying something new, we’ve got the answer! Marmite Chocolate is a sweet treat with a quirky twist, while our Hot Sauces Gift Set will bring spice to any Dad’s life.

Beer-loving Dads
Looking from the outside in, it would seem that many of our Dads hold Homer Simpson in great esteem. If your Dad loves his beer, our Probably the Best Dad in the World Tankard is personalised, making it particularly special, while our Brew Your Own Ale Kits, (Golden Ale, Dark Ale and Bitter available) are perfect for those who love the idea of brewing at home.

Outdoor Dads
If your Dad loves the outdoors and spends as much time as he can out in the garden, our Gardener’s Gubbins Pots and Tool Stool may be just what he’s been waiting for. 

But we haven’t forgotten the ultimate garden experience – our Golf Bag BBQ Set will help your Dad turn the garden into his own alfresco meat-eating extravaganza… what more could any Dad want?

Quirky Dads
If laughter is the best gift for a Dad who’s a little unusual, we’ve got the perfect collection of gift ideas for you.

From our I am Your Father Darth Vader Mug to our Man Bowl, from our Sock Exchange Weekend Socks to our Secret Agent Alarm Clock, we’ve got a selection of gifts that’ll make him smile throughout the day.

Sporty Dads
Our Leather Rugby Wash Bag is one of our most popular men’s gifts; made from soft, good quality leather this is a stylish gift for anyone who loves sport.

Our Subbuteo Bottle Opener was launched in our latest gift catalogue and is the ideal fun and quirky gift for lovers of the round ball game.

For more unusual, practical and fun Father’s Day gifts, take a look at our Father’s Day page

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