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Unbelievable Science Stuff That Will Blow your Mind

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    Unbelievable Science Stuff
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    • Incredible science stories
    • Engaging and visual presentation
    • Tough concepts in easy-to-understand terms
    • Jaw-dropping photography
    • 'Go Wider' links allow further exploration
    For anyone who has ever wondered which is the weirdest star in the galaxy, or whether a 250-million-year-old extinction event is still killing humans today, this book of unbelievable science stories is sure to fascinate.

    New Scientist writer Colin Barras combines incredible images and photography with descriptions of scientific breakthroughs in a style that is inclusive, engaging and fun.

    Science fans will find captivating answers to extraordinary questions in fields such as space, technology, the natural world, the brain and human behaviour, physics, the environment, health and wellbeing and humanity's past, present and future. The interactive 'Go Wider' element allows readers to delve deeper into the subjects that intrigue them.

    Hardback. 224 pages.
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