Treats For Toes

Published on Tuesday, 2nd August 2016
It may be raining, but it’s still (technically anyway) summer, and with summer comes the pampering of little feet. So, Qwerkiteers, we’ve picked a few of our favourite treats for your little piggies. Off to market!

Repairing Socks

Let’s start with the basics: moisturising. These super soft socks are infused with a fruity fragranced serum (peach, green tea, vitamin E and natural fruit extracts) which leaves your feet feeling silky and divine! Just rub the serum on your feet, pop the socks on and wait for twenty minutes before removing them. We definitely recommend wearing the socks, putting your feet up and having a lovely cuppa. Blissful!

Massage Slipper

Even the extremely ticklish like a good foot massage, especially after a hard day’s work. This slipper comes in two designs: Hedgehog (adorable) or Basset Hound (sweet). Slide your feet in to the slipper and flip the switch for a toe-tingling massage.


Toe-tally Perfect Toes Pedicure Set

Now you’ve moisturised and had a lovely massage, it’s time to get those nails looking pretty. This sweet set comes with a nail buffer/file combination, cuticle trimmers, pumice, nail clippers and a hard skin shaver. Use the pumice to remove any dry skin from your feet and the buffer & file combo to get your nails all smooth and ready for some polish.

Nail Buddy

Never again worry about spilling your nail polish! The Nail Buddy holds any size of nail polish, and you can either grip it between your knees (handy for a manicure – pun unapologetically intended) or rest it on any hard surface to leave both of your hands free. You can even rest the Nail Buddy on its side to get the last drop of your favourite polish from the bottle.

Nail Art Kit

If you’re anything like the ladies in the Qwerkity office, you’ve been staring enviously at all the gorgeous nail designs that you just don’t know how to achieve. This Nail Art Kit is a great cheat for a professional looking pedicure! Available in either Plain or Glitter, each set contains ten nail varnish bottles with a standard brush applicator and a micro-tip pen for creating intricate designs. The only limit is your imagination!

Pssst! If you do get stuck for some design ideas, check out the Nail It! book – it’s on special offer! 

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