Travel Gadgets for Summer Breaks

Published on Tuesday, 28th July 2015
Summer breaks mean more time exploring the world. We have the perfect collection of Travel Gadgets to suit your every need.

Digital Luggage Scales

With ever-shrinking baggage allowances for air travel, make sure you never have to worry about excess baggage charges or having to repack your bags at the airport. The Digital Luggage Scale provides an accurate weight reading in both kilograms and pounds, up to 50kg.

Budget Airline Bag

If you’re planning a trip on a budget airline, this is the perfect bag to take. Budget airlines can be great for short flights, but at the cost of reduced cabin baggage. This Budget Airline Bag has its dimensions printed on the outside of the bag and conforms to the new standard allowance of hand luggage.

Deluxe Flat Back Snoozer

Long flights or train rides can leave you feeling uncomfortable, tired and jetlagged. Travel in maximum comfort next time with this Deluxe Flat Back Snoozer. Filled with micro-beads, it offers support for your neck by keeping your head from rolling sideways, and has a flat back so that your neck isn’t pushed forward.  

World Adaptor with Twin USB Charger

This all in one World Adaptor allows you to connect virtually anywhere in the world. With easily identified plugs, it is supported in various countries and has 2 USB sockets to charge smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

Universal Tablet Mount

Have stress-free journeys with the family with this Universal Tablet Mount. No more arguing about who gets to watch the iPad! Designed to install in seconds, this innovative gadget latches between the driver and passenger headrests, allowing for full view tablet viewing for every passenger in the back seat.

12 Piece Carry-On Toiletries Set

This 12 Piece Carry-On Toiletries Set is ideal to use when travelling overseas. Made from durable plastic, this set contains 6 dent-resistant jars, 3 press-open bottles and 1 spray bottle, plus peel-and-stick labels to identify the contents of the jars easliy.

Radio Controlled Clock

One of our favourite best sellers! This battery operated, Radio Controlled Clock will use radio signals in its proximity to automatically keep the correct time to within one second in a million years and will even automatically change over summer and winter daylight saving times. Never be late again with this ultimate tech gadget which features day, date, alarm, snooze and temperature settings. 

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