Top Grooming Products For Metrosexual Men

Published on Friday, 31st August 2012
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Male grooming is getting complicated! Hair Mascara, Guyliner, Concealer, Lip Balm – Here’s what today’s metrosexual man needs in his bathroom cabinet.

Is your man spending more time in the bathroom getting ready than you do? Or does he seem to take a lot of pride in his personal appearance by styling his hair, moisturising and cleansing?
Today’s society is showing that male grooming is getting more complicated, and there is more and more focus on personal appearance than ever before. The chances that your man has probably worn the odd bit of male make up are good, whether it is concealer or foundation to hide blemishes on his face.
The term Metrosexual is actually a neologism and coined in 1994 from the words metropolitan and heterosexual to describe a man who tends to live in an urban culture and spends a lot of time and money on shopping and his appearance.
Men in the 21st century are now wanting to use male beauty products and are focused on men’s grooming, especially since the products used today are more subtle than the days of David Bowie, Marc Bolan and glam rock. It’s now becoming harder to tell whether a man is wearing make up or if he remains all natural. Guyliner Mascara

Here are our 5 top grooming products for the metrosexual man:

  1. Hair Mascara
  2. Guyliner Mascara
  3. Guyliner Disguys Concealer
  4. Guyliner Lip Balm
  5. 3 in 1 Nasal Trimmer

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