Top 10 Funny Gifts For Men

Published on Friday, 1st November 2013
Are you struggling with what to buy him this Christmas? We've hand-picked ten of the most humorous gifts suitable for men of all ages. And because we're feeling festive, there's 30% off all of the gifts featured.

Finding presents for the men in your life needn’t be troublesome this Christmas. With our top pick of the funniest and silliest gifts for men, their festive season will be full of LOLs and endless hours of entertainment.

For an added bonus, you can claim a discount on all the products featured on our Christmas Facebook campaign using discount code: XMASWK1

(Presents for men cannot be held responsible for irritated wives, girlfriends, sisters and Mums)
Here are our top ten funny Gifts for Men:

Magic Wand Remote Control

Expelliarmus! It’s the world’s first real working wand.  Whoever holds this wand has the power to control technology!

With a swish of your wrist you can change the song on your iPod, magically switch on the TV, and even conjure up the DVD loading dock.  The aspiring wizard can delight their friends and family with their magical skills.

Check out the video to see the Kymera Wand in action:


Grab your wand from Ollivanders (okay, our online store) at a magical 30% this week only!

Fifty Sheds of Grey

fifty sheds of grey novel

Who says the ladies get to have all the best books?

This parody of the bestseller will become the new companion for the pun loving male.
Charting the unbridled love between one man and his shed, this book promises laugh out loud hilarity and plenty of double entendres. This is not for the faint hearted.

Buy it here
30% discount

Mr Bean Tricks & Pranks

The nation’s favourite mute comedian returns with this kit of staple pranks. It includes a whoopee cushion – perfect for pranking Granddad at the Christmas dinner table; the classic nail in the finger trick to make sisters squirm and finger-snapping gum to zap their mates.

Start one young boy on the road to prankster haven, get the kit here and laugh all the way to the checkout because you can get 30% off!

Man Points Game

Strictly for adults, the Man Points Game pushes masculinity to the limit.

Each participant must take it in turn to scratch the laminated poster to reveal 32 challenges. Who will be crowned the "Manliest" of them all? Grab it roughly and in a manly way here at a 30% off this week only.

Christmas Apron

christmas apron

Let’s face it, not all of us love Christmas as much as Santa’s elves. Grab one of these festive aprons for the Christmas chef with a cheeky streak.

Available in two colours, red and black, and with a choice of different messages including:

  • “ho bloody ho”
  • “bah humbug”
  • And “Stuff Christmas”
One size fits every scrooge. Buy them here

Stealth Archery Set

Archery set at Presents for Men

This full size archery set is for epic sized combat.

Warriors alike will love this set for outdoor play. With suction capped ammunition, it’s 100% safe, so there’s no need to worry about war wounds – or the family air looms.

It’s exceptionally good value for hours of fun. Buy it here at a whopping 30% off.

Snowball Blaster

Snowball gun at Presents for Men

Never lose a snowball fight again.

Guys of all ages will be able to launch snowballs at their enemies from distances of up to 50cms. The easy load feature is perfect for warriors who prefer adding a tactical advantage!

Pick up a snowball blaster for your man here - and don't forget to use the dicsount code.

Man Bowl

Giant bowl at Presents for Men

Real men eat man-sized portions; and man-sized portions need a bowl big enough to contain them.
Forget the family china; they’ll never need to eat out of anything else ever again. They can use it to eat their cereal, eat a curry or make a cucumber sandwich look even manlier. 

It’s the perfect gift for students; saves on space, saves embarrassment and adds about a million cool points to its owner. Get your hands on it here

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

gun time display and alarm clock

James Bond eat your heart out. With this alarm clock, your man has the ability to shoot time. Okay, we don’t mean with an actual bullet, we mean projecting it onto any surface, anywhere.

This looks like a gun, feels like a gun and it tells the time. It’s also a fully functioning alarm clock too. Perfect for those looking for a career in espionage! Grab it here

Build your own Car Engine

build your own car engine

Available in two different kits, the Internal Combustion Kit and the Build your Own V8 Engine can both be grabbed this week at 30% off. If he likes a project, this is the ideal gift to keep him entertained over the Christmas Holidays.

The end product looks and sounds like a fully working engine, without the oil stains on your dining table!

So, if you’re shopping for a prankster, a budding engineer or someone who’s difficult to please, we’ve got gifts suitable for men of all ages. 
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By Anonymous - 6th November 2013
have already ordered , will no doubt order some more now that i will get some discount codes ho ho ho ,Merry Christmas.
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