Top 10 Fiendishly Clever Pest Control Gadgets

Published on Tuesday, 19th June 2012
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Don't let spiders and other pests ruin your summer. Check out out Top 10 pest control gadgets to keep unwelcome bugs at bay!

Spider CatcherPrepare to welcome your new housemates with the coming of Spider Season. No need to bang those slippers or rolled up newspapers as this fiendishly clever Spider Catcher is perfect for humane arachnophobes.

It’s not just spiders though, ants, wasps, moths, woodlice, silverfish, flies, beetles, cockroaches and mites are all conspiring right now to ruin your Summer. The Ardap Pest Control Spray is highly recommended for a rather less humane creepy crawly solution. Look out behind you!
Here is our top 10 of pest control gadgets:

  1. Spider Catcher - now out of stock                           Portable Insect Repeller
  2. Ardap Pest Control Spray                                        
  3. Multi-Hook Moth Killers                                 
  4. Wasp Trap                                             
  5. Dust Mite Controllers                                    
  6. Outdoor Sonic Pest Repeller                                   
  7. Outdoor Infra-red Pest Repeller                          
  8. Portable Insect Repeller                           
  9. Portable Mosquito Killer                                         
  10. Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller                       

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