Time to get walking for Get Walking Week

Published on Friday, 26th April 2013
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Did you know it’s Get Walking Week from 4 – 11 May 2013? Here are my Top 10 walking essentials for any walker.

Emergency PonchosDid you know it’s Get Walking Week from 4 – 11 May 2013? If you haven’t already, then now is the perfect time to dust off your walking boots and get outside in the fresh air. Walking is a great form of exercise and has huge health benefits. You don’t have to be super fit though; even a gentle stroll will do you the world of good – plus it’s a free form of exercise!

Before you go though, why not take a look at some of our Walking Accessories and Essential Gadgets for any walker, rambler or extreme hiker.

Here are my Top 10 Walking essentials which you shouldn’t leave home without…

1. Reflex® Folding Water Bottle
2. Emergency Poncho
3. Emergency Blanket
4. Shewee® Extreme Set (for the girls!)
5. Ultimate Survival KitUltimate Survival Kit
6. Folding Spork
7. Multi Colour LED Headlight
8. Foldaway Walking Stick Seat
9. Folding Insulated Mat
10. Emergency Mountain Whistle

If you want to make your walk more fun and enjoyable, then why not invest in a Pedometer which keeps count of your steps and calories burned? Choose from our Talking Pedometer which is currently on Sale, or our Steps & Distance Pedometer. You should be aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day (1,000 steps at a brisk pace normally takes 10 minutes, and most of us walk between 3,000-4,000 steps a day already).

Good luck and happy walking!

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