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Three-In-One Cleaner

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    Spray, Clean and Dry (T-wipe) - Blue
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    • Use on any flat surface
    • Perfect for floors, windows and mirrors
    • No need for a bucket of water
    • Shiny, smear-free results
    • Keep in your car glove box to demist windows
    Leave all sorts of flat and shiny surfaces sparkly clean and smear-free - no carrying a heavy bucket of water, no having to find the right cloth. Perfect for cleaning windows and mirrors in the house and in the car, the hand-held Cleaner comprises 3 useful tools in one compact unit.

    Fill up the reservoir with water or detergent and pull the trigger to dispense a fine spray onto the surface you are cleaning. Wipe with the super-absorbent microfibre cloth, then turn the cleaner round to dry off with the rubber squeegee.

    Machine washable cloth. 41cm.

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    Product Review
    3 in 1 cleaner.
    Had hand surgery and cannot hold usual cleaning items.This allows me to use with one hand and clean as I would normally
    Reviewed by:
    Philip Mccullagh
    Service Review
    Everything was excellent ,arrived as expected
    Reviewed by:
    Philip Mccullagh
    Product Review
    3 in 1 Window cleaner
    I ordered this a few weeks ago, but used it for the first time today.
    I have had a few of these things, and they are either at the wrong angle to get right down the window without something getting in the way, but I am happy with this one, as the combination of the spray, mop head, and blade on the one unit with enough length to get to the top of an average window without having to stand on steps, and doing away with sponges and water buckets.
    The angle of the blade is better than I've ever used,
    but the angle of the mop head means that you are using only a small part of it's surface, rather than all of it. We will see how long it lasts in continuous use.
    Reviewed by:
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