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Thermal Copper Knee Support Bandages (Pack of Two)

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  • Contains pure copper thread
  • Helps to stimulate blood flow
  • Provides relief for painful joints
Copper has been used to relieve pain for centuries and these days, it's commonly seen worn as a bracelet for this purpose. These support bandages have pure copper thread knitted into them so that the affected joint is in direct contact with the therapeutic metal.

The warmth created by the thermal properties of copper helps to stimulate blood flow, which will relieve aches and pains, aid recovery from injury and relax tight muscles.

Each pack includes two bandages. Available in small/medium and large/extra-large. Hand wash only.

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Product Review
The result was amazing
I had developed a problem with my right knee hurting, early in the morning. This pain would wake me up and not ease until I had moved my leg about. It was getting so that I was losing a lot of sleep, which affects every aspect of life. I went to the doctor ready with the facts re. timing and movement. She sent me for a blood test and an X ray. Nothing so, as far as she was concerned, that, was that.
I then tried a Reiki healer, who is a very pleasant woman, but the treatment made no difference to my knee.
I had the idea that it might be something to do with circulation, so, when I saw the copper knee supports, which were alleged to help circulation, Mike sent off for a pair of them.
The first night that I tried one on my right knee, the result was amazing, no pain, and a good nights sleep. I then got Mike to order some more, in case you stop making them, as I really don't know what I'd do without them.
Reviewed by:
Bernie Bell
Service Review
They were ordered, they arrived quickly, can't do better than that!
Reviewed by:
Bernie Bell
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