The Return of The Great British Bake Off

Published on Thursday, 25th August 2016
Oh my, our favourite reason to be smugly British has returned: The Great British Bake Off.

We’re only on episode one and already it’s a corker. #Jaffagate was trending on Twitter, the innuendos were flowing, the cake mix was separating and/or clumping, tears were running… and through it all there was evidence of what makes the Bake Off so wonderful; all the contestants were so pleased for everyone else. You can barely tell that GBBO is, in fact, a competition.

As we’re (nearly) all obsessed with the programme in the Qwerkity office, we thought we’d do a few Bake Off highlights for you each week. Beware, Qwerkiteers – here be spoilers.

Our favourites from last night’s episode are:






We have a sneaking suspicion that Candice will actually be very good. Nerves may have played a small part in her show stopper being slightly under baked. We did particularly enjoy her throwing her first attempt at the Genoese sponge across the tent like a Frisbee.

Best moment:

Mel: Where did you get orange juice from?!

Candice: An orange…

Prettiest bake:

The Show Stopper. Shame it was under baked.




  AKA the Cake Whisperer (or Listener)

We’re curious as to how many people now want to adopt Val as their honorary grandmother? We think she may be the one to go next week, unless she really steps up her game.

Best moment:

Listening to her cakes to check if they’re cooked.

Prettiest bake:

 The drizzle. Less drizzle and more icing, but such pretty frosted flowers on top!


Our honorary Star Baker: Selasi. Such a cool customer! Not even a hint of panic, even when he forgot to add cinnamon to his drizzle cake. At the moment, he’s our one to watch.

Other highlights:

  • “Four Fruit Frosting”: try saying that five times after a glass or two of wine. We dare you.
  • “Make your drizz the shizz.”
  • Mary’s face when Paul dunked his Jaffa Cake in his cuppa.

Long live Bake Off! And remember:

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