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The Impressionists Colouring Book

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    Impressionists Colouring Book
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    • Colour or paint by numbers
    • 20 works by the great Impressionists
    • Includes history of Impressionism and the artists
    • Perforated paper for easy removal
    This beautiful colour or paint by numbers book guides you to re-create incredible paintings by famous impressionists, including the works of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh. Channel your inner artist and see the masterpieces unfold before you. Using the provided colour guide for each painting, simply follow the numbers and the striking image will begin to emerge. The book also provides you with some history on Impressionism and instructions on what stationery you need before you begin.

    20 works for you to colour or paint by numbers, including Sunflowers, Woman with a Parasol, Gondola, and Case of Peonies.

    Paperback, 93 pages.

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