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The Dog's Mind

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    • From celebrated vet Bruce Fogle
    • Delve into the canine psyche
    • A great gift for dog owners
    Ever wondered what your dog is really thinking?

    Written by veterinarian Bruce Fogle, The Dog’s Mind reveals how dogs see the world around them, how they learn and how they relate to their owners. He explains how dogs can suffer from stress too and how we can help our four-legged friends.

    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the canine mind is combined in this engaging, detailed book.

    Paperback. 224 pages.

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    Product Review
    Not an EASY read
    This is not a simple hand book on dog training. Quote page 7, "Genetics is information technology on a vast almost incomprehensible scale." The book is highly informative.
    Reviewed by:
    Bob Morrison
    Service Review
    As usual, the Qwerkity supply chain is well up to speed.
    Reviewed by:
    Bob Morrison
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