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The Deckchair Gardener

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    The Deckchair Gardener
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    • An improper gardening manual
    • 101 cunning strategems for gardening avoidance
    • From the author of Outwitting Squirrels
    A guide to what not to do in your garden.

    Gardening is widely regarded as one of life's great joys. However, you might not feel that way if you pay too much attention to the experts; every garden magazine and newspaper relentlessly publishes hectoring instructions telling you what you must do in your garden this week or this month – to the point where your garden can become a source of constant stress or wasted energy.

    Rather than add to the pile of suggested drudgery, this book is instead dedicated to relieving you of pointless and unnecessary garden work, and suggests easy and pleasant ways to look after your little patch of paradise.

    Paperback. 191 pages.
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