The Best Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas for 2014

Published on Wednesday, 26th November 2014
When it comes to the office secret Santa, it can be hard to strike a balance and get it right – with a set budget, you want to bring a smile to the face of someone you may or may not usually buy for. We've selected a range of gifts to help make your choice easier. Read on to find funny, quirky and unusual gifts to suit all kinds of personalities.

For the Perfectionist

If your Secret Santa is the owner of the tidiest desk in the office our Henry Screen Cleaner is the perfect gift for them. A practical little gift that will make them smile, Henry will help keep their screen clean and keep your tidiest colleague happy.


For the one the Perfectionist can’t take their eyes off…

…The one with the messiest desk in the office. Our One Day This Desk Shall be Tidy Mug – perfect for the person who strives for tidiness, yet continually fails, or for the one who is totally under control in their messy state, with full knowledge of exactly where everything is ‘filed’ under the mound of paper, boxes, catalogues and Flying Headless Chickens on top of their desk.


For the person with Potty Mouth

If you have a colleague who just can’t stop swearing, whether this be through a passionate rage to get the job done or the continuous use of swear words in casual conversation, the I Swear Tin will give them reason to curb their language and keep it clean – meanwhile providing the office with an excellent new biscuit fund!


For the one who loves their wine

If dreaming of the glass of wine at the end of the day is one of your colleagues’ favourite hobbies, our Wonky Wine Glasses will certainly be of use this Christmas. A quirky, light-hearted gift.


For the pessimist

A gloomy outlook can sometimes be the very thing to keep the office entertained. Celebrate their bah-humbug approach as Christmas nears with our favourite Grumpy Cat, who shares his world view with us in our Grumpy Cat Book.


For the one who is always on the go

If they’re always on the go, with a thousand things to do and the ability to do them all with the help of a few mugs of coffee throughout the day, our Superman Energy Drink may just give them the extra boost they need to take it one step further!

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