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The Bee Book

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    The Bee Book
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    • A look inside the wonderful world of bees
    • A detailed and fascinating guide to understanding and protecting bees in today's environment
    • Beautiful illustrative photography throughout
    Covering everything from life in the hive to harvesting pollen, the Bee Book is a concise guide to the world of bees and beekeeping.

    From the story of how bees came to be, how they interact and their vital role in our ecosystem, to how to get started with your own colony and build a thriving community, this book has something for everyone with an interest in the fascinating subject.

    Bees are integral for pollinating plants and food production and are thought to be one of the hardest working creatures on the planet; this guide has useful tips for making your garden bee-friendly to give these busy, busy bees a well-earned break, plus how to use bee-by-products like honey and beeswax in a multitude of projects including homemade candles, beauty treatments and delicious drinks and treats!

    Hardback. 221 pages
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