Sunday Roasts

Published on Tuesday, 27th September 2016
Well, Qwerkiteers, the weather has definitely turned (if our shivering is anything to go by). But with the return of winter comes the permission to indulge in all forms of comfort food (hurrah!) and we've decided that the best comfort food is a good old Sunday roast. You just can't beat it!

We’ve thrown together some of our favourite products to help you make the roast-ess with the most-ess. Aunt Bessie has nothing on you…

First up is the Roasteasy. As seen on Dragon’s Den, this chainmail sheet is a perfect alternative to all the reams of kitchen foil you’ll use over a lifetime of roast dinners. Just lay the chainmail over your bird, meat or veggies and it will retain your food’s natural juices for a succulent main! It will also keep your roast hot while it rests. Do feel free to drape yourself in the (cold!) Roasteasy and prance around the kitchen quoting Monty Python. Obviously, we haven’t done that. At all… Come, Patsy!

An alternative (or companion!) to the Roasteasy is the Highlighter Baster. Stop your roast from drying out with this quirky basting brush! Highlight your cooking skills and serve the best roast in town. Squeeze the body to suck up your marinade, oil, or sauce, then gently squeeze and brush to apply. Juicy!

Next is the Multi-Purpose Non-Stick Tray. If you’ve been following Bake Off, you’ll need one of these for sure; we’re still drooling over Jane’s Yorkshire puds! Made of silicone, there’s no need to pre-grease this tray, so you can at least pretend you’re being healthy as you scoff down your fourth Yorkie. It’s also incredibly easy to clean; you just run it under the tap, no scrubbing or elbow grease required.


Moving on to another fool proof way to ensure your roast dinner is the best in town, we have the Pre-Programmed Meat Thermometer. This is a roast saver if ever there was one; just select the type of meat you’re cooking (beef, veal, poultry, lamb, pork or fish), how well you’d like it cooked, and insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat. When you’re meat is at the recommended temperature the thermometer will beep. Perfect roast, every time.

Now what you need is a gorgeous board to serve from. We recommend our solid Wooden ‘Sunday Roast’ Carving Board. The board has a groove all around the edge to collect any juices (perfect for the tastiest gravies) and leaves you in no doubt as to its use! It would make a gorgeous centre piece for any Sunday table.

By far and away our most popular Sunday roast accessory is the Carving Tool. A great alternative to a carving fork, it has an easy-grip ergonomic handle and 4 super sharp spikes that hold all sorts of roasts firmly in place, even during the most enthusiastic carving! It also has a fork at the end for transferring
meat from board to plate.



Well, we don’t know about you, Qwerkiteers, but our mouths are watering now. Do we have to wait 'til Sunday for a roast dinner? Can we make Tuesday roasts a thing?


Let us know your favourite roast dinners!


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