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Storm Force Pegs

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    Storm Force Pegs 24pk
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    • With advanced tetra-lok technology
    • Grips clothing even in gale-force winds
    • 100% metal free so no rust or stains
    • Set of 24
    Storm Force pegs give the ultimate peace-of-mind when you hang your washing out to dry.

    With four levels of secure grip  but still super easy to push on and pull off  they can withstand strong winds to keep your laundry safe and secure.

    Sturdy and easy-to-use, these pegs are suitable for anyone with limited dexterity as they require no squeezing action.

    Made from weather-proof plastic with no metal components, there's no risk of rusting or staining.

    Pack of 24. 7.6 x 1.7 x 1.5cm.

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    Product Review
    Plastic clothes pegs
    The best clothes pegs I have ever brought. As the description says, they are the only pegs that will stay on the clothesline throughout a violent storm and keep the sheets etc. from falling on the ground.
    Reviewed by:
    Marilyn Holt
    Service Review
    Delivery was quite quick and timely
    Reviewed by:
    Marilyn Holt
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