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Stop The World I Want To Get Off...

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    Stop The World I Want To Get Off...
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    • Unpublished letters to The Daily Telegraph
    • Edited and introduced by Iain Hollingshead
    • A light take on the heavy events of 2016
    The follow-up to the bestselling 'Am I Alone in Thinking…?' has arrived, offering a reminder that, even in challenging times, there are plenty of laughs to be had.

    Letter writers to The Daily Telegraph have excelled themselves with their off-beat commentary on all the shocks and surprises of 2016, comparing freedom of movement in the EU to a traffic jam in a Waitrose car park, or renouncing the Archers in favour of a more gripping Westminster soap opera.

    A hilarious collection of lettes, edited by Iain Hollingshead, this will surely offer a fresh perspective on an eventful year.

    Hardback. 191 pages.

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    Sto the world I want to get off
    Very amusing, didn't want to put it down.
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    P M
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    Good quick
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    P M
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