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Squish Garlic and Ginger Prep

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Squish Garlic and Ginger Prep
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  • A three-in-one, space-saving kitchen tool
  • Makes two messy food prep jobs quick and easy
  • Squishes garlic and grates ginger
  • Plus, the base removes odours from your hands!
Finally, an efficient way to prep garlic and ginger!

Roll peeled garlic cloves under the ridged edge to mince easily - the weight of the ceramic dish will do the rest! Squashing garlic in this way is recommended as the best way to maximise flavour as it's the most efficient way to release the fragrant oil from the clove.

For ginger, press it against the grating spikes to create a ready-to-use pulp, which collects in the dish for mess-free prep and less washing-up.

Plus, the stainless steel base will magic away odours from your fingers if you rub it while washing your hands. The molecules in the steel bind to the sulphur molecules that are left on your hands after prepping ingredients like garlic and onions and this process neutralises the odour in no time at all.

Dishwasher safe. 12cm diameter.
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