Spring Has Sprung! Quick: To The Garden!

Published on Tuesday, 28th March 2017
Spring has sprung, and it’s time to get out in the garden! We can’t wait to spend an afternoon outside in the sunshine, so here are our favourite gardening goodies for you.

Handy Seal & Carry Clips

Your spring flowers and any existing plants are bound to be hungry after a long winter, so you’ll need some compost. We all know what a mess compost makes, so you’ll be needing some of these Handy Seal and Carry Clips. These practical, reusable clips seal bags and sacks, eliminating mess. The strong handle makes carrying and pouring simple. Job done!


Compost Tidy Tray

While we’re on the subject of compost, this Compost Tidy Tray is a God send! Keep your working area mess contained with this durable and easy to clean Tidy Tray. With an integral shelf for seeds, labels, pens and a large surface for working, it is ideal for filling seed boxes and potting up.


Kent & Stowe Border Fork

Those flowerbeds will need some attention; turn over the soil with minimum effort using the Kent & Stowe Border Fork. Slightly smaller than a standard garden fork and up to 40% lighter than Kent & Stowe’s standard garden tools, it’s the perfect choice for anyone with limited strength.


Heart Shaped Hand Trowel

Once your soil is turned and aerated, you’ll be ready to start planting bulbs. Break through any remaining tough soil with this Heart Shaped Trowel. With a pointed tip for exceptional soil penetration, this robust tool with its carbon steel head is ideal for use in pots, borders and beds when planting bulbs and seedlings. It even penetrates clay! Made from beautiful ash wood, the handle has been shaped for a comfortable grip.


Maypole Plant Support

This pretty Maypole is perfect for all climbing annuals and perennial flowers such as Sweet Peas and Clematis, as well as Climbing French or Runner Beans.


Moroccan Tile Gauntlets

Keep everything in your garden rosy, including whoever will be doing the hard work, with these beautifully patterned long-armed gloves. Our pretty, soft gloves with padded cuffs offer superb protection for your hands and forearms from thorns, twigs and nettles, whilst maintaining dexterity.


William Morris Tool Tidy

Take your tools with you as you work your way round the garden. A beautifully elegant accessory for any lady gardener, this sophisticated tool tidy is printed with William Morris's ever popular Strawberry Thief. Get muddy in style!


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