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Spice Drops Starter Collection

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    Spice Drops Set
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    • Nine individual natural extracts to add to food and drink
    • Make your dinners more flavoursome
    • No longer waste time on preparation or messy powders
    • No artificial colourings, artificial preservatives or flavourings
    • Stays fresh for months
    • Gluten free
    Bring to life any food and drink with these delicious authentic flavours in a quick and easy way.

    Spice Drops are made by Holy Lama Naturals, in the Land of Spices - Kerala, India.

    These high-quality fresh concentrated extracts retain all the natural goodness and flavour of the herbs, fruits and flowers, and will make your dishes zing with taste! They make dried ground spices seem so fusty and dusty by comparison!

    A great gift for anyone who loves to experiment with food.

  • Saffron
  • Cardamom
  • Chai Spices
  • Cinnamon
  • Red chilli
  • Rose
  • Lemon grass
  • Orange
  • Mint

  • No artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings. Gluten free. 9 x 5ml.

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    Product Review
    Limited life
    Spices should have 3 years usage but supplied set dated Sept 16 so already 14 months off life span. Requested change to newer set but not available so will return
    Hello, we're very sorry to hear that you received an out of date set. We are currently checking the rest of our stock and will remove the product from sale asap if this is the case for the other sets. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.   Qwerkity
    Service Review
    Called Querkity 3 times, first 2 calls not recorded 3rd call resulted in offer to send return coupon but not yet arrived
    Hello, please accept our apologies as this is not the service that we aspire to achieve. Our customer services manager has been informed and will be in contact with you directly to make sure your refund has been issued.  Qwerkity
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