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Spice Drops Spice Rack

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    Spice Drops Stand
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    • Storage for your Spice Drops natural extracts
    • Holds up to 9 x 5ml bottles
    • Handcrafted mango wood
    Store your delicious Holy Lama Spice drops in this authentic handcrafted mango wood spice rack. With room for up to 9 x 5ml bottles, you will easily be able to access the range of spices and be ready to add wonderful flavours to your meal at any stage of the cooking process. Buy Spice Drops separately.

    9 x 10.5cm.

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    Spice drops spice rack
    Very attractive wooden rack for selection of spices. Contents to hand when busy cooking and flavours very good. An excellent product.
    Reviewed by:
    Thelma (Mrs) Gregg
    Service Review
    This seller can always be relied upon to provide excellent service. Products are varied and unusual and the catalogue is an invaluable source of inspiration for presents.
    Reviewed by:
    Thelma (Mrs) Gregg
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