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Published on Tuesday, 19th March 2013
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If you searched our website and got the Sorry! No Results page we would love to know what you were searching for so we can investigate why this happened.

Please let us know the search word or term you used in the COMMENT section below.

Thank you for helping us to improve our website.

David Lyall
Head of eCommerce

Leaf Wipes
By Anonymous - 19th August 2013
On your summer 2013 catalogue on p.42 you have the above item order code 13512 I have put both references into you search and it comes back as 'sorry no results'. If this is sold out, why is this not recorded when the search is made?
Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately this item is no longer available online as it has sold through. We have actually launched our new essentials autumn catalogues and this item does not appear in this new catalogue which supersedes the summer essentials catalogue. You can order our new catalogue on our website if you have not yet received your copy. I have also asked our Customer Services Team to contact you as well.
In Catalogue But Not On Website
By Anne Jones - 26th June 2013
I am trying to order 8076 swing over makeup glasses and 10648 cushion comfort solution, both are in your catalogue but not recognised on the website, why?
Thanks for your feedback Anne. If a product from a non current catalogue is out of stock and we are not getting any more in (for whatever reason), then we remove it from the website. This is so the website results do not become cluttered up with out of stock products which would happen quite quickly.

This does mean that sometimes, as in this situation, a customer cannot find a product if they are looking at an older catalogue.

In response to your feedback I have asked the team to update the no results found page with this message so that we can at least inform customers why they may not be able to find a product. So thank you again for helping us to improve your website experience.
Brass Two Way Tap Connector Prod 2407
By Alex Brown - 12th June 2013
This item is listed elsewhere on the web as being available from yourselves, but I cannot see it listed on your website. Thanks, I hope you can help. Alex Brown.
Hi Alex. Thank you very much for your review. The reason why you cannot find the Two Way Tap Connector is because this item is now out of stock and no longer showing on our website. If you could let us know which page you were on that was mentioning this product that would be helpful so we can update this page. I have also asked our Customer Services Team to contact you as well. Fiona
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