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Sonic Scrubber Pro

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    • Fast and efficient
    • 10,000 scrubs per minute
    • Reaches awkward areas
    • With four interchangeable heads
    Speed up your household chores with the Sonic Scrubber Pro. With over 10,000 scrubs per minute, it cleans awkward areas fast: grout, taps, plug holes, ovens, skirting boards, architraves, toys, shoes etc.

    It comes with four interchangeable heads and 4 x AA batteries.

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    OK, If You're Dainty.
    Not a bad idea, but could do with a stronger motor.
    The slightest pressure and the thing slows right down or even stops.
    Not good for getting rid of ground in muck, which is what it's designed for !?
    Maybe I could hook it up to a 12v car battery...
    Reviewed by:
    Tony Mouncer
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