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Smoke Potion Chilli Sauce

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    Smoke Potion
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    • A spicy alternative to BBQ sauce
    • Made with chipotle chilli
    • For use in sauces, as a marinade or a dip
    • Beautifully gift packaged
    Produced by the Chilli Alchemist, experts in everything chilli, Smoke Potion is a mild smoked chilli sauce that provides a refreshing alternative to traditional barbecue sauces - you can add it to your cooking or use it as a dip or marinade.

    Beautifully gift packaged, the sauce comes in a hand-finished, cork-topped apothecary bottle with wax seal.

    Contains maize, wheat, barley and soy. 200ml.

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    Product Review
    Real magic
    I found this to be perfectly boxed with all the right touches to fit in with the title of smoke potion sauce. It's for the chilli lover in the family who also has a touch of the goth about them so this is going to be well received
    Reviewed by:
    Tania Hobbs
    Service Review
    Speedy delivery
    Reviewed by:
    Tania Hobbs
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