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Sil Protect Blister Prevention

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    Sil Protect
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    • Prevent blisters and rubbing wounds
    • Acts as a protective layer
    • Easy and quick to apply
    • Roll on application
    Reduce blisters forming or chafing of the skin by applying this highly effective Skin Protection Fluid. By acting as a protective layer, it reduces friction between your skin and shoes or clothing. It is perfect for wearing in new shoes and helping you get on with your day pain-free.

    Easy roll on application. Water resistant. 10ml.

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    Sil Protect
    I haven't used this product long enough to say that it is very good or not. Have used it two or three times.
    Don't Know
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    Marcia Cooke
    Service Review
    Product arrived speedily and in good condition.
    Don't Know
    Reviewed by:
    Marcia Cooke
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