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Scratch and Sniff Whiskey Book

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    Scratch and Sniff Whisky Book
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    • A fun introduction to the world of whiskey
    • By Master Sommelier Richard Betts
    • Scratch and sniff on every page
    • Colour illustrations throughout
    • Pull-out wall poster
    It works for kids, so what better way to teach adults about whiskey than with a book they can scratch and sniff?! The Essential Scratch & Sniff Whiskey Book is an original and fun way to learn about this hugely popular drink.

    Distilling mountains of information into just 20 pages, the book divides whiskey into 3 separate categories: Grain, Wood and Place. Use your nose to work your way through the pages to discover whether you like your whiskey sweet, mild, spicy or smoky; the effect of using new or old barrels on taste; and the difference between whiskies from America, Scotland, Japan, Canada and Ireland.

    There's even a 'How Do You Like Your Whiskey?' map poster for you to identify what tipples are best for you.

    20.5cm high. Hardback. 20 pages.

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    Product Review
    Good Present for 50+ year old man!
    Would have been excellent except a little too much emphasis on the American Whisky market which wasn't clear from product description but a fun present none the less
    Product Review
    Scratch and Sniff whiskey book
    Given as present and was much appreciated.. Funky and informative .
    Reviewed by:
    Elaine Smith
    Service Review
    Arrived quickly after ordering and was well wrapped.
    Reviewed by:
    Elaine Smith
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