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RollMix Composter

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    Rollmix Composter
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    • Get usable compost in six weeks!
    • Make good use of kitchen and garden waste
    • Traps heat and moisture to speed up the process
    • Keeps odours in and bugs out
    • Easy rolling action for oxygenation and mixing
    Waste not want not!

    Do your bit for the planet and make your own compost to nourish and enrich your soil and plants with the RollMix Composter.

    Choose a shady spot and follow the instructions provided to get started on making efficient use of your kitchen and garden waste.

    The tubular shape of the RollMix makes it super easy to mix your compost through rotation, increasing oxidisation and speeding up the process. It also traps heat and moisture and keeps odours in and pests out.

    Produces usable compost in under 6 weeks. Length: 68cm. Diameter: 54cm. Capacity: 156L.
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