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Remote-Control Battle Spiders

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    Remote-Control Battle Spiders
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    • Fight with light and stun your opponent to ultimate victory
    • 1.5 meter firing range
    • 360 degree rotating head
    • Two battle spiders (orange and blue) come with their very own two-channel infrared remote controls
    Challenge your friends to the ultimate battle experience fighting these unique remote controlled sci-fi battling robots with their futuristic voice, laser lights and sound effects. The six legged Battle Spider will amaze you with its realistic recoil and physical response when hit or when shooting.

    Stun your enemy for 1 second with a direct hit and see them light up for your delight! First to 10 hits wins! The battle-hardened exterior and high-tech life sensors measure each strike until only one spider is left standing. Will you be victorious?

    Takes cell batteries (included).


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