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Racing Penguin Crackers

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2019 Racing Penguin Crackers
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  • 6 Racing Penguins
  • Contain snap, party hat and joke
Liven up your Christmas meal with a bit of racing fun!

These traditional handmade Christmas crackers make your table look festive. But unlike most crackers that are over in a snap, with these ones the fun goes on and on! You can still wear a silly paper hat and tell a cringe-worthy joke, but instead of a boring gift you will never use, each one of these crackers has a wind-up penguin inside. So when the meal is over, clear the table, lay down the racing board, wind up your penguin and go! It's hilarious fun for all ages and a great way to get in the party mood.

Each cracker 32cm long. 6 per pack

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Product Review
nicely packaged
looks very nice. can't say more until after christmas when we've used them
Reviewed by:
Janet Ward
Product Review
Penguin Crackers
Looks as advertised.. Will let you know how much fun they raised after Christmas Day :)
Reviewed by:
Secret Santa
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