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If you want to review a product that you’ve bought from us, or had given to you recently we’d love to hear from you and you could win a prize. Each month we will pick the most informative or helpful product review and send the winner a great prize. Send us your review by one of these methods:
1) find the relevant product page and submit your review form online from there
2) email us at
3) write to us at Qwerkity, Parc Menai, Bangor, LL57 4FB.
We will publish the winners here so be sure to check back and start writing those reviews. See terms and conditions below.

Current Product Review Winner

Congratulations to Rosemary, our product review winner!

Punjabi Curry Kit

As a grandparent with little experience of making curry from scratch, I was called upon to create a hot buffet for a family celebration. I sent for this item as a quick way to obtain assorted spices needed. The recipes included were great and the spices fresh and well packaged. The resulting curry was a great success. And the presentation would make for a lovely present for curry lovers.


Previous Product Review Winners


Wrendale Cake Tin Nest

I purchased these Wrendale cake tins for my daughter, as she loves everything Wrendale! They are excellent quality tins! The little finishing touches, like the pictures inside the tins as well as inside the lids, just add to the quality and look of these very versatile cake tins. I am very pleased with my purchase and my daughter loved her gift too!



Heather Tweed Tote Bag

This bag is exactly as pictured and described on line. The fabric has quality feel and goes with almost everything. Spacious interior makes it perfect for every day use or for use in the evening.


Cube Click Clock

The second one I have purchased. The first one died after many years of faithful service. It's neat, looks good and sits comfortably on my bedside table. What is so good is the fact that you can prolong battery life by using the programme where the default mode is off and you tap it to turn it on and after a few seconds it's off again.


Student Cook book

I bought this Student Cook Book for my granddaughter who will be going to university in a year or so. She is a good cook but I wanted her to have easy and quick recipes to avoid the usual quick food on the high street. I like cooking myself and I think this is an excellent and useful book to have. Carol Richardson


Hedgehog Igloo

When I initially I looked at it I thought where are the green bits that are shown in the picture, but I soon realised that when you put it in the situation in my wild garden, I would use my own flower and fauna, and this helped to mark it there territory and I already have a family living inside the Igloo, so an immediate success, and with the food, I have a lot of Hedgehogs coming into the garden every night, I am absolutely delighted and never thought it would happen, but it has thanks to you, Thank you


Potty Feet - Hares (Set of three)

These are very cute little feature creatures to add some whimsy to your garden plant pots! At the same time they perform the useful task of raising the base of the pot. Good quality and excellent value.


Sneaker Slippers

Right, where do I start? I bought these in the largest 10/11 size, in red. Within days they arrived and I had them on my feet. First thing to note, these fit perfectly, which is quite a rarity for me. Now when I buy slippers, I don't just wear them, they become a part of me. These things go through hell and back with me. So these have definitely been tested and let me tell you, they're holding up. Not a single sign of wear yet, which again I can't say very often. They're comfy, they're warm, they are everything I was looking for and more. Would definitely recommend, and will be coming back after I eventually wear through these ones.


Garden Tool Tidy

An excellent addition to my shed for storing tools that are usually just propped against the wall. Made of black plastic. Easy to assemble and holds a range of tools from long handled hoe to smaller scale trowel. There is a handy little shelf for smaller items and the tools are all held in check with a specific hole for each tool. There are 2 screws provided to attach to the wall if needed. Recommend.


Flora Flamingo

I bought Flora to be friends with my other 2 similar birds. She sits on my window sill and is indeed very pretty. Her "feathers" are so soft and she really does resemble a flamingo with her long neck. I particularly love the knot tied in her legs to echo the look of a real flamingo's legs! She loves to sit up and look round my lounge every day.

Globe Decanter

It is a lovely item would make a really nice present for anyone. Very Delicate piece.

Dragonfly Scarf Ring

A very nice addition to any scarf. It was bought as a Birthday present for a dear friend and she absolutely loved it.

I'm Dead, Now What?

What a brilliant idea! If you've ever had to deal with someone's estate this will eliminate the hours wading through reams of paperwork to find the details you want. Makes the loss of someone dear so much easier knowing they had the forethought to detail everything for you.


Cool Touch Ice Towel

Whilst holidaying in Corfu I gave mine to a friend who suffers badly from the heat. It was truly amazing and stayed cool for over two hours, again and again. This one was the replacement for me!
July 2017.

Sonic Scrubber

The sonic scrubber has rejuvenated my 20 year old shower cubicle, getting into all those nooks and crannies I couldn't access before. The same is true for the kitchen taps which had resisted all limescale cleaners and manual toothbrushes. We call it the elephant's toothbrush! I live in a hard water area of Buckinghamshire, good for the heart, a nuisance for everything else!
May 2017.

Stapless Stapler

I work in a school and purchased this for my reception. Students who use this stapler are blown away at how environmentally friendly this product is and feel it is a bit magical at the same time. At first I was a bit apprehensive about it working...but it does and it's a fab product....definitely recommend... and so do our students :)
April 2017.

Night-Sight Driving Glasses  

As a contact lens wearer living in rural Norfolk, I find night time driving extremely uncomfortably visually, where car headlights loom out of the darkness on unlit roads. These glasses turn the blue/white lights to a comfortable yellow and make the experience more comfortable.
March 2017.

Snow Scooter

Bought these for my 8 year & 6 year old boys to take on a skiing holiday. They were a HUGE success, they loved them. Can be used as a scooter, a sledge or a toboggan. You wouldn't believe how many French people asked where we'd bought them from, they all wanted one too! Great fun & recommended.
February 2017.


Getting up through the night has never been so exciting! I sometimes forget I have the Illumibowl through my fog addled sleep, but then I open the door and there to greet me is my very own ethereal multicoloured Toilet, gently glowing, guiding me to the loo. I no longer have to switch on the Bathroom light to see and my partner no longer gets disturbed from the fan that's attached to the light. Perfect.
January 2017.
Honey Bee Scarf Ring

This is beautiful and, unlike many other scarf rings and clips I have, it is BIG enough!! It will hold even pashmina type scarves. Very importantly, there are NO SHARP BITS to damage your scarf either. I've had so many scarves ruined by poor craftsmanship as rough metal snags the material each time I thread them through and take them out. This one is wonderfully smooth and kind to scarves. It is quite heavy, so you would have to feed lightweight scarves through many times. But I bought it because wanted it for large scarves. This is the largest scarf ring I've found yet. It may seem expensive, but now I've got it I realise it's worth every penny. I can wear my thick and large scarves so much more and they don't fall off or get damaged! Excellent!
December 2016. 

Noisy Hot Potato Juggling Balls

My Grandson will love these as he's always juggling something, be it oranges, tennis balls or whatever he can get his hands on. What his Mum and Dad will say when they keep hearing the 'wahooing' is anybody's guess, so I think I could be in trouble! (Getting my own back on his Dad for the years I put up with his noise!)  
November 2016.

Multi-Purpose Colander Trug

Now that we cannot pick up plastic bags every time we shop which I fully support, we were suddenly left with a problem about how to collect the vegetables from the allotment! This basket is perfect! It does exactly as described. And it looks better than a plastic bag!! Would definitely recommend!!  
October 2016.

UV Protection Umbrella

Excellent! Road tested in Turkey for 12 days prior to an April trip to India. Great as a sunshade and waterproof too! I have just requested another for my husband to use in India Very light, but appears to be strong. Fits back into travel bag if carefully folded up. Useful guard over clip to be depressed to open and close!! Nice unisex design. 
September 2016.

Pet Hair Laundry Bag

I love this product, my washing machine was getting quite hairy, what a great idea, even the guy who serviced my W/M said how good they are so huge thank you. 
August 2016.

Alarmed Pill Box

What a great little product. My husband has Parkinson's and needs to take tablets four times a day at specific times. He'd never remember to do that. This little gizmo doesn't let him forget! I fill the little boxes before he goes to bed and they're ready to take when he wakes up the next morning. Thanks, one less thing to worry about.
July 2016.

Infinity Candle

I have now given three of these candles as birthday presents and the recipients have all been delighted. They are unusual and fascinating and I am about to order two more, one for yet another birthday gift, one because I want one myself!
June 2016.

Aegean Tray

We were given an Aegean tray for Christmas, and we use it all the time. You can carry all sorts of things easily and safely and still have a spare hand free for grabbing a handrail or carrying something else! Upstairs, downstairs and into the garden. It is elegant (OK for parties) light, and easy to keep looking good (other trays always seem to have crumb traps around the edges, this one doesn't). We like it so much that we have already bought three more for presents, and the recipients are just as keen as we are. They've told us they are planning to give them to their families too, young and old ... but especially to anyone who is a bit unsteady! 
May 2016.

Pet Hair Laundry Bag

This product is amazing and I would go so far as to say it has revolutionised my life! Only having the space for one washing machine but owning three large and hairy dogs I have to wash their blankets weekly and actual bed covers between fortnightly and monthly. I always had to plan to wash the bedding one day and couldn't do any human washing until the machine had dried out and been vacuumed. Now I can stick the dog bedding in this bag and not worry about when I can next use the machine. I believe it must be extending the life of the machine too without all that hair going down the pipes and clogging the filters. I just can't get over how well it works and it's so easy to clean itself. None of the hair sticks to it so you literally take it outside, turn it inside out and give it a shake and all the debris comes out. It's utterly amazing! I recommend you buy one of these immediately! 
April 2016.

Hands-free Carry Clip

What a handy little clip. It held my lined full length raincoat with no problem leaving my hands free to juggle passport/boarding pass etc etc! Would recommend it to everyone! Small outlay for enormously helpful item.
March 2016.

Polarised Overglasses

Having looked into the price of a pair of polarized sunglasses for myself while I go fishing with my husband, I was horrified at ow much they cost! seeing these I was a little skeptical but on arrival I am thrilled! I have to wear glasses at all times and these have transformed my fishing trips! In fact my mum now wants a pair! They fit over glasses perfectly.
Febraury 2016.


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