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Pond Protectors

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Pond Protectors
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  • Protection for your pond from herons
  • Interlocking
  • Forms a floating barrier
  • 20 rings and 64 joining clips
Stop herons and other pond predators stealing fish with these incredibly effective protectors.

Specifically designed to be positioned around the perimeter of your pond, the clever rings interlock to stay together, forming a floating barrier.

One pack can protect a perimeter of 3.8m. Each ring measures 30 x 27cm. Includes 20 rings and 64 joining clips.

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Product Review
Just lost half my fish.
These clip together well and covered all around the edge as stated. The problem is if your pond is nice and clear so the bottom is visible the heron CAN and WILL land in the middle.

These are also black so once floating in the water they are barely visible therefore NOT a very good visual deterrent for the Heron, I don't know if we had them covering the whole pond if we'd still have all our fish or if we'd have a Heron trapped in all the mesh. I suspect once he's near the pond he can see it.

Covering the whole pond would be advisable so make sure you order enough to cover whole thing not just outside.
Reviewed by:
Rachel Beckford
We are sorry to hear about your experience with the Pond Protectors. Our Customer Services team will be in touch with you soon to discuss the issue further. Best wishes, Paige.   Qwerkity
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