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Planter With Hidden Compartment

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    Planter with Hidden Compartment
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    • Lift the planted lid to reveal a hidden compartment
    • Hide keys or small parcels inside
    • Ideal for a garden hose
    • Keep your garden clutter-free
    • Treated pine wood
    Lift the planted lid to reveal a hidden compartment. Designed for keeping a hose tidy, it can also be used to hide a key or, by your postman, to hide a small parcel. No one will know it's in there!

    Keep your trailing hose tidy, out of the way and hidden beneath a bed of plants. The planter has a hole at the back to attach a hose to a tap.

    This attractive planter with its extra compartment is a great way to keep your garden clutter-free. Made with pine wood, it is treated with a water-based biological preservative which prevents the wood from swelling.

    39 x 39 x 34cm. (Plant not included.)

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    Product Review
    very small and no planter lining
    There is no liner to the top to stop the earth falling through to the compartment if you wanted to plant it, and you would have to have the tiniest hose wrapped up very tightly in order for it to fit, I've just tried to squeeze 6ft of ordinary hose pipe in and didn't succeed.

    Don't think it is worth the money, it looks pretty but hardly practical as it is so small inside once the lid is on. I think we have wasted our money as it doesn't do what we had hoped it would.
    Reviewed by:
    We're sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Planter with Hidden Compartment. We have the measurements listed on our website (39 x 39 x 34cm), and we have tested it successfully with a 25 metre hosepipe.
    You are correct that we do not provide a lining with the planter, but we have found that a bin liner or plastic bag works just as efficiently.
    I have asked customer services to contact you to arrange a return under our no quibble returns policy.
    Kindest regards,
    Laura-Anne   Qwerkity
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