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Personalised Cider - Traditional Label

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    • Perfect for any cider drinker
    • Can be personalised with a Name and Message
    • Made from 17 varieties of apples
    • Label printed on water resistant paper
    • Over 18 years only
    • Other Personalised drinks also available
    • Next day delivery is not available on this item
    Create your own personalised cider gift perfect for any cider drinker to celebrate any occasion. For that extra special touch, this bottle can be personalised with any Name and a Message.

    Made from seventeen varieties of fresh apples, this cider has a crisp refreshing flavour and a natural authentic character and has been patiently vat matured in the orchards of Ireland.

    The label is also printed on water resistant paper using waterproof inks.

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    You must be 18 or over to order this item. 4.5% vol. 568ml.

    Please note that delivery for personalised gifts may take 7-14 working days.

    Next day delivery and overseas delivery is not available on this item.

    This item will be despatched directly from our supplier and not with the rest of your order.

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    Personalised Cider goes down a bomb
    Looks good, though cannot speak about the taste yet.
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    Service excellent, prompt and arrived part of a group of items which all arrived together which cuts down on packaging this breakable item was well packaged.
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