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Personalised Brass Roman Sundial

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    • Beautiful quality marine grade brass
    • Clearly marked hour lines and Roman numerals
    • Can be engraved with up to 180 characters
    • Each one is unique
    • Made in the UK
    For centuries sundials have been silent timekeepers in many gardens across the land, making an attractive feature and focal point.
    The Roman Sundial is a precision engineered sundial which gives accurate time readings. Made from high quality marine grade brass, which is polished and lightly aged to give a beautiful smooth finish.

    The time is clearly marked with hour lines and Roman numerals. The soft golden sheen of the brass will reflect the colours of your garden and will be a focal point in every season. The sundial can be engraved with up to 180 characters over four lines.

    Each one is unique making it a perfect gift for any occasion.

    1kg. 20cm dia.

    Please note that delivery for personalised gifts may take 7 - 14 working days.

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    Impressive item.
    Very pleased with engraving and speed of delivery.
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