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Park Life

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Park Life
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  • Stories and memories from John Bartram
  • With a foreword by David Attenborough
  • Chronicles a year working with Richmond Park's world-famous herd of deer
During a career spanning four decades John Bartram has been the behind-the-scenes mastermind ensuring the welfare and maintenance of Richmond Park's world-famous herd of deer - widely thought of as the finest herd in captivity.

Working with these fabled creatures has demanded balancing their needs with the very real, and often fatal, dangers the park's visitors pose to his herd, and John pulls no punches when it comes to his opinion on the deer's place in the scheme of things, the human 'invaders' and the collision of their two worlds.

A remarkable diary chronicling the final year of John's charmed life as the guardian of Richmond Park, this memoir tells of the unique demands of each new season and of the enormous wrench he will feel upon no longer waking up in the midst of so much unchanged and wild beauty.

Park Life is a treasure trove of stories and memories, some poignant and moving, others offbeat and hilarious: from the quirk of fate and farcical interview that led to him getting the job, to living in close-quarters with the deer, the tragedy of putting down fatally wounded animals and the annual ritual of the rut - as dependable as the rising and setting of the sun.

Hardback. 228 pages

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A deer review
I have only just started reading it and I don't want to put it down, it is amazing, to think it is in London amongst all the concrete, so many interesting facts about nature.
Reviewed by:
Gary John Hewitt
Service Review
No trouble with delivery it arrived pretty quick.
Reviewed by:
Gary John Hewitt
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