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15 Quirky Christmas Gift ideas for the Quirky people in your life

Thursday, 4th December 2014

If you’re on the lookout for the quirkiest and most unusual gifts for your friends and family, we've got 15 great suggestions for you – perfect for when ordinary just won’t do!

The Indoor Allotment
If conventional plants aren’t for you, you can grow a stunning herb display with our Indoor Allotment.The perfect way to make a statement display without a garden to mow – for those who prefer something a little more modern than a floral display!

Wonderful wine
Day-dreaming of a glass of wine at the end of the day – a favourite pastime of many people we know! If you know someone who always asks for a large glass when ordering their wine, our Wine Bottle Glass is the perfect present for them!

Less than subtle statement
This not-so-subtle message is bound to bring a smile or cause a raised eyebrow among those around you, or a laugh to the one you choose to present it to! Our Ick Mug is for anyone who wants to make a statement as they sip their cup of tea.

For half pints
The Half Pint Glass is the perfect gift to torment any lightweight friend who loves his beer, just not very much of it! Our Half Pint Glass Looks like an ordinary glass face on but if you turn it, you’ll see it has been cut precisely in half.

Head in the clouds
If you know someone who loves their computer but whose physical world needs some storage, we’ve the perfect play-on-words gift for you. Our Cloud Storage is the perfect desk accessory for any computer whizz, but also makes an ironic tidy hole for someone who’d rather stay away from the web!

The magic of Christmas
Let them know the magic of Christmas is here with our Coca-Cola Lorry! It’s an unusual gift that will appeal to so many people, as it’s symbolic of Christmas finally on its way! An iconic 1:76 scale die cast model – the perfect Christmas keepsake.

Zombie in the Garden
Shake up the traditional, no-nonsense gnomes in a friend’s garden with our Zombie Gnome; an unconventional garden addition bound to be a quirky gardener’s pride and joy!

Terrific Taches
Stiff Upper Lip is a wonderfully quirky game for anyone aged 8 or over. If you’re missing Movember, this is the memento for you! Wearing your moustache, just guess the celebrity you have been assigned – a hilarious game for Christmas day family fun!

Man’s Best Friend
Our Luxury 'Dog Hoggers' Pillow Cases are perfect for anyone who knows what it’s like to find they’re sharing the majority of their bed with the dog! Me & the Dog, and Me, You and the Dog available, dependent on just how overcrowded your bed happens to be!

Fast-food love
Perfect for teens who can’t get enough fast-food! Our Burger Cushion and Fries Cushion are quirky decorations to brighten up a room and give it an unusual edge! Buy both and save £2 with our Star Buy Offer.

Selfie time
Our Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick will help you take the perfect selfie! Great for events such as weddings, it gives you the ability to get the perfect angle on a self-portrait or group photo and extra reach to get everyone in the shot.

In the mood for dancing
Look dashing in our Dancing Reindeer Ears! They’re great for bopping along to Christmas tunes and will cheer up any conversation as they move to any sound. Dancing Rabbit Ears also available.

Crafty and Cute
Our Crafty Cat Moneybox is certainly unusual and adorably cute. Place your coin on the top of the money box and watch as the kitten peeks out of the top and swipes it inside the box! Watch the video for the full effect.

Christmas Socks
An old favourite – the obligatory Christmas socks – with a difference! Our Sock Exchange Weekend Socks feature bold designs for those who allow their feet to rebel once they’ve stepped away from the office! An instant way to brighten any outfit and turn it from the conventional to the quirky.

Suit with a Difference
Our Worn to be Wild Testival Suit is a firm favourite andbound to be a winner this Christmas. Taking its inspiration from the BBC’s colour test card introduced in the 1960s, the Testival Suit is sure to turn heads at every occasion!

Written By Fiona

The Best Office Secret Santa Gift Ideas for 2014

Wednesday, 26th November 2014

When it comes to the office secret Santa, it can be hard to strike a balance and get it right – with a set budget, you want to bring a smile to the face of someone you may or may not usually buy for. We've selected a range of gifts to help make your choice easier. Read on to find funny, quirky and unusual gifts to suit all kinds of personalities.

For the Perfectionist

If your Secret Santa is the owner of the tidiest desk in the office our Henry Screen Cleaner is the perfect gift for them. A practical little gift that will make them smile, Henry will help keep their screen clean and keep your tidiest colleague happy.


For the one the Perfectionist can’t take their eyes off…

…The one with the messiest desk in the office. Our One Day This Desk Shall be Tidy Mug – perfect for the person who strives for tidiness, yet continually fails, or for the one who is totally under control in their messy state, with full knowledge of exactly where everything is ‘filed’ under the mound of paper, boxes, catalogues and Flying Headless Chickens on top of their desk.


For the person with Potty Mouth

If you have a colleague who just can’t stop swearing, whether this be through a passionate rage to get the job done or the continuous use of swear words in casual conversation, the I Swear Tin will give them reason to curb their language and keep it clean – meanwhile providing the office with an excellent new biscuit fund!


For the one who loves their wine

If dreaming of the glass of wine at the end of the day is one of your colleagues’ favourite hobbies, our Wonky Wine Glasses will certainly be of use this Christmas. A quirky, light-hearted gift.


For the pessimist

A gloomy outlook can sometimes be the very thing to keep the office entertained. Celebrate their bah-humbug approach as Christmas nears with our favourite Grumpy Cat, who shares his world view with us in our Grumpy Cat Book.


For the one who is always on the go

If they’re always on the go, with a thousand things to do and the ability to do them all with the help of a few mugs of coffee throughout the day, our Superman Energy Drink may just give them the extra boost they need to take it one step further!

Written By Fiona

Unique Christmas Gifts for all the Family

Wednesday, 19th November 2014

We’ve got a vast range of fun gifts for the whole family here at Qwerkity – there’s no Auntie too outrageous and no Dad too distinctive for us to handle. From Teebage Dirtbags to Pigsaws we’ve got a range of gifts that will have everyone covered this Christmas.

For Mums who love to cook

For Mums who find they’re most at home when they’re serving up a delicious feast, our To Brie or Not to Brie Cheese Board is a quirky yet practical gift that will add a little drama to the table!

For the Comedian Dad of the family

Help him spice up his Dad jokes with some retro comedy! Our paperback book, Fork Handles, is perfect for any fan of the Two Ronnies and ideal for reading aloud after Christmas dinner.


Puzzling Grandma

If your Grandma loves her jigsaw puzzles our Pigsaw may be the gift you’re looking for! It’s a ‘pig of a puzzle’ that creates an adorably cute piglet image – once she’s sorted all the varying shades of pink!


For a cider loving Grandpa

If your Grandpa loves his cider, our Apple Cider Home Brew Kit is the perfect kit to encourage a new hobby! With this kit home brewing is simple but special.


For the Auntie who loves her ornaments

Our Teapot Bird Feeder is a beautifully ornamental yet unusual feeder in the shape of a teapot. Perfect for anyone who loves to show off beautifully delicate designs in unexpected places.


For the sporty Uncle

Our Build Your Own 3D football Stadium kit is a great gift for anyone who loves their football! Fun to build and a great 3D model for any fan to display.


For the cheeky Brother

The Liar Liar Board Game is great fun for teens and adults. A great excuse to practice your fibbing in front of the parents and get away with it!


For the stylish Sister 

Our New Cork New Cork Memo Board is great for keeping your reminders, photographs and memories in order and in style! A beautiful addition to any room, it’s a stylish gift depicting New York’s iconic skyline.


For the Teenage Dirtbag

For your teenage dirtbag we have… a Teenage Dirtbag! Even if your teen is the cleanest of the clean they’re bound to appreciate the humour in this practical laundry bag.


For the Cousins

Our Kids Sneaker Slippers and our Noisy Jugglers are popular yet unusual gifts for kids! Far from boring, our Noisy Jugglers will keep them entertained while our Kids Sneaker Slippers are all about comfortable style!


For Baby

When you’re next out for coffee don’t let baby feel left out! With our Sippy Cup she’ll certainly look the part! 

Written By Fiona

Top 10 Stocking Fillers Guaranteed to Make Someone’s Christmas

Wednesday, 12th November 2014

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages, and create the biggest surprises! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Stocking Fillers that will make someone’s Christmas – it’s a list jam-packed full of quirky gifts they’ll never expect!

Trick their taste buds

For those who think the traditional chocolate Santa is over-rated, our Chilli Bacon Jam is far from typical! For anyone who’d rather try something a little different this Christmas. Bacon Jam and Chorizo Jam also available.


Trick or treat

Give someone a shocking wake-up call when they shower with our gruesome Zombie Shower Gel, paradoxically scented with sweet-smelling pine. We hadn’t realised Zombies were so delightful! For those who are partial to a strawberry scent, our Blood Bath Shower Gel may be the preferred gruesome option to help you stay clean and fresh!


Dare to… cover up!

Our Lapkins are the perfect stocking filler for the joker in the family – they’re bound to bring smiles all round and get everyone in the mood for Christmas dinner. Each Lapkin is printed with one of four designs; you’ll have the option to cover your lap with frilly pants, Y-fronts or even a daring Lapkin printed with a single leaf, depending on just how outrageous you, your Mum, Grandpa or Aunt Edith are feeling.


Spice it up!

Spice up someone’s stocking with our Tabasco Jelly Beans! For anyone who’d rather have a spicy kick than indulge their sweet tooth, this is the tasty treat for you. The Tabasco sauce style bottle is small enough to fit in a stocking of gifts but holds a flavour they won’t forget!


Girly Gift

The ever popular ballet bun can be given an even more feminine twist with our Heart Shaped Bun Hairstyle Maker. For any girl who loves to accessorise and make a classic look her own. 


Tasty Toothpaste

For bacon addicts everywhere! Our Bacon Toothpaste will keep their teeth and gums healthy, and they’ll be craving the chance to brush their teeth again.  It’s a practical stocking filler to brighten up a daily task.


Keep it clean!

Our R-Swash Shower Gel is the deftly named stocking filler for those who like to read the packaging of their gifts aloud… Place it on display in the shower to entertain family members and friends who pop by!


And to keep up the spirit of Christmas…

Everyone’s favourite Grumpy Cat stars in this witty book of worldly observations; the perfect stocking filler for cat lovers and anyone with a wry sense of humour and a bah-humbug! approach to Christmas.

Written By Fiona

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Men (Because who likes Ordinary?)

Wednesday, 5th November 2014

If an ordinary gift just won’t do for the man in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got something extraordinary for those who are anything but average. We’re here for all the eccentric Dads, quirky boyfriends and remarkable husbands that you love.

For the unusual foodie

If he’s one for sneaking a ketchup sandwich, or appreciates the pleasures of our celebrated Marmite Chocolate, you may want to check out our Chorizo Jam as the next unusual treat for him! It’s certainly an oddity, and may not be for the faint-hearted, but if he likes to merge his flavours and break the rules when it comes to food this is the perfect smoky treat for him.


For a man who loves to laugh

If you want to bring a smile to his face and, like many men we know, the passion in his life is his shed, we’ve found something for him! Fifty Sheds of Grey is a fantastically funny spoof book that will keep him laughing for hours.


For the musician or artist in him

If he’s into making his own music he can do literally that with our Make Your Own Ukulele kit! Perfect for anyone who is musical and artistic, and loves to make original things for themselves.


For the film critic

If he loves a cosy wintry night in with a film we’ve got the perfect companion for him. Spuddy Batman is a couch potato who will tend to all his needs – providing pouches for drinks, snacks and, of course, the TV remote! Everything he needs for a great night in.

For a man who loves his motors

If his ideal car is always on his mind, this is the gift for him! Help him take it one step further and design his own dream car with our Design Your Own Lamborghini sketchbook, licensed by Lamborghini.


If he’s your hero

If he’s your hero and he knows it, we’ve got the perfect gift for him! Treat him to our Superman Cape Towel or our Batman Cape Towel, whichever hero is more his style. This super-soft towel can be worn like a cape with the handy Velcro tab that fixes it around the neck. Whichever hero he chooses to be it’s a practical gift that’s bound to cheer up his daily shower (or even a trip to the pool if he’s one to show it off and blow his cover) in no time.

Written By Fiona

Introduce a Friend Competition Winner

Tuesday, 19th August 2014

It's time to reveal the lucky winner of our Introduce a Friend Competition!

An exciting update; the lucky winner of our latest Introduce a Friend Competition has been drawn! Congratulations to Peter Jackson! Peter is lucky enough to have won £50 of vouchers to spend with us. We hope you enjoy your prize!

Thank you to everyone who recommended a friend and entered the competition. We hope that you all find some great gift ideas for yourselves, friends and family members,

To enter a future Introduce a Friend Competition, simply fill in one of the Introduce a Friend cards sent out with our catalogues.

Written By Fiona
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Summer Fun

Monday, 14th July 2014

Summertime is here!

From grown-up summertime indulgence to treats for children’s Summer holiday fun, we’ve got the perfect gifts to see the season through with the whole family in high spirits.
Keep the Wimbledon tournament going!
Summer is the perfect time to get outside and play some sport. Good for your health, and a great way to spend time with the family, tennis can be played gently with Grandparents and little ones, or played as a high energy tournament between teens. Our Jumbo Tennis is great for a quirky game while our Portable Tennis Net is perfect for those with the competitive edge.

Outdoor Dining
Get ready for al fresco dining and dinner parties! It’s time to make the most of your garden for relaxed, sophisticated gatherings. Our Aegean Tray is ideal for serving drinks, while our Fire Pit is the ideal centre piece for those cooler evenings.

Travel Gadgets
If you’re going on holiday this summer we’ve got all kinds of nifty gadgets to keep you and your family safe! Our Secret Money Belt is just one great idea. Hide your cash in this belt to keep it out of sight, away from pickpockets and separate from your bags and luggage, so you can stay safe and simply enjoy the sun and sightseeing.

Picnic Season
The perfect picnic season is here! Our Qwerkity Picnic Bag and Bottle Bag are ideal for taking on trips to the woods, the park or the beach to make a family meal into a special outdoor treat! Our Qwerkity Picnic Bag and Bottle Bag are insulated with a Flectalon lining that keeps drinks or food at the same temperature it goes into the bag, for up to 6 hours.

Garden Games
If you’re looking for a quirky summer game that the whole family can join in, our Full Size Croquet Set is for you. Croquet is one of Europe’s oldest pastimes; it was first played in France in the 13th century and by the 17th century was popular with British royalty.  Suitable for children 3 years and over.

Get into Gardening
We’ve got lots of gifts that will help you get into gardening and make the most of the sunshine. Our Personalised Trowel and Fork Set, for example, is printed with a first and last name, making this Set a unique gift. Alternatively, you may prefer our Ladies’ Floral Leather Gauntlets. Made in Shropshire using traditional techniques and the softest leather, these feminine Garden Gloves are a stylish way to protect hands.


Summer Wedding Gifts
There is always an abundance of weddings in the Summer. We’re here to help you pick something particularly special for the happy couple. Our Personalised Slate Heart Cheeseboard and Personalised Heart Bowls are practical luxuries with a romantic twist. If these aren’t quite what you’re looking for but you love the idea of a unique gift, take a look at all our Personalised gifts.
Our Double Surname Coat of Arms is new in – we love the idea of giving newlyweds a gift that is representative of their joining in marriage and personal to them.


Written By Fiona

Unusual, Practical and Fun Gifts for Every Dad!

Tuesday, 20th May 2014

The perfect Father's Day gift can be hard to find - but we are here to help!

Stuck for gift ideas this Father’s Day? Look no further, we’ve got a great range of quirky gifts to suit every Dad out there!

Chef Dads
If your Dad thinks he’s the next Jamie Oliver and loves to make the kitchen his own, our King of the Kitchen Chopping Board is for him!

Our Labrador Glass Worktop Saver meanwhile is perfect for all dog lovers, while our Enamel Mussel Pot is the perfect way to make an unusual treat more accessible to those who love their seafood. 

Consider our Chilli Mill for a Dad who likes it hot!

Dads who love their sheds
The shed: a place of happy solitude for an awful lot of Dads. Help him claim it as his own with our personalised Man Cave sign, or give him a laugh with 50 Sheds of Grey.

Foodie Dads
If your Dad loves his food and is always up for trying something new, we’ve got the answer! Marmite Chocolate is a sweet treat with a quirky twist, while our Hot Sauces Gift Set will bring spice to any Dad’s life.

Beer-loving Dads
Looking from the outside in, it would seem that many of our Dads hold Homer Simpson in great esteem. If your Dad loves his beer, our Probably the Best Dad in the World Tankard is personalised, making it particularly special, while our Brew Your Own Ale Kits, (Golden Ale, Dark Ale and Bitter available) are perfect for those who love the idea of brewing at home.

Outdoor Dads
If your Dad loves the outdoors and spends as much time as he can out in the garden, our Gardener’s Gubbins Pots and Tool Stool may be just what he’s been waiting for. 

But we haven’t forgotten the ultimate garden experience – our Golf Bag BBQ Set will help your Dad turn the garden into his own alfresco meat-eating extravaganza… what more could any Dad want?

Quirky Dads
If laughter is the best gift for a Dad who’s a little unusual, we’ve got the perfect collection of gift ideas for you.

From our I am Your Father Darth Vader Mug to our Man Bowl, from our Sock Exchange Weekend Socks to our Secret Agent Alarm Clock, we’ve got a selection of gifts that’ll make him smile throughout the day.

Sporty Dads
Our Leather Rugby Wash Bag is one of our most popular men’s gifts; made from soft, good quality leather this is a stylish gift for anyone who loves sport.

Our Subbuteo Bottle Opener was launched in our latest gift catalogue and is the ideal fun and quirky gift for lovers of the round ball game.

For more unusual, practical and fun Father’s Day gifts, take a look at our Father’s Day page

Written By Fiona

10 Ideas to Keep Your Children Entertained Over the Bank Holidays

Thursday, 24th April 2014

Come rain or shine, we have a great set of ideas for how to keep your kids entertained over the upcoming Bank Holidays!

From creative gifts designed to inspire, to practical build-it projects and outdoor activities, we’ve got it covered. With kid’s games as well as activities suitable for the whole family, there’ll be no more wondering how to bring the family together!

Indoor Fun

1. Spiro Art in a Tin

Our Spiro Art in a Tin is perfect for boys and girls alike. Children will be amazed by the beautifully intricate patterns they can design, allowing them to make the most of their creativity and embrace their natural artistic talents. Our Spiro Art set comes in a special Tin so bits and bobs won’t make a mess or get lost!

2. Friendship Bracelet Maker

One of the best things about our school days is the chance to make friendships that grow and may last a lifetime, and time off school can be the perfect opportunity to build these relationships with peers outside the classroom. Encourage your children to celebrate these friendships with our Friendship Bracelet Maker, and make some unique, hand-made gifts with personal meaning.

3. Build your own V8 engine

Older children can often be trickier to entertain, but what better way to spend some time bonding than by building your own V8 Engine? Get their minds working with this perfect holiday gift for parents, teenagers and children above the age of 10.

4. Horse-Opoly

This classic family game with a twist is the perfect gift for a whole family of horse lovers! This game is a great way to get everyone practising their maths, showing off their bargaining skills and learning about new horse breeds.

5. Da Vinci Catapult

What better way to get your children’s minds working than by helping them to understand the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci? The best part about it is that you’re building a catapult – there aren’t many children out there who’ll say no to that! This set creates a model based on Da Vinci’s original design, and contains soft clay balls to fire once the catapult is complete.


Get Outdoors

1. Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames

Bring a little magic to your garden party with our Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames. They’ll brighten any crisp Spring evening with family and friends, creating a real bonfire with a difference! At £1.99 per pack it’s an inexpensive treat that no-one will be expecting.

2. Portable Tennis Net

Get ready for Wimbledon with our Portable Tennis Net! A great way to have fun keeping fit as a family, the Portable Tennis Net can be taken to the beach or park, or set up in your own garden. For those sporting addicts who prefer a game of Badminton, this option is also available.

3. Duel Combat Gladiator Game

Our Duel Combat Gladiator Game is bound to be a hit! A great way to let your children’s energy out and allow siblings to fight it out the fun way!

4. Stealth Archery Set

Our Stealth Archery Set is perfect for families with teenagers and adult children who want to get outdoors and learn a more grown-up skill together. It’s also a great gift for anyone who is avidly awaiting the final film in the Hunger Games trilogy and aspires to be the next Katniss Everdeen!

5. Full Size Croquet Set

Our Croquet Set will provide hours of fun for the whole family. A classic game, it is perfect for days on the beach, in the garden or at your local park. Family games are often perfect for getting the Spring excitement going as competitive team spirits rise – get grandparents, parents and children involved and create your own tournament!


Written By Fiona

Introducing our Favourite Gardening Bloggers

Tuesday, 22nd April 2014

Looking for an inspirational new gardening blog? You've come to the right place!

The clocks have moved forward and the British weather is getting warmer by the week – summer is nearly upon us.  For many of us, that may give us the opportunity to relax in the garden or enjoy a barbeque or two.

Not everyone maintains their garden over the winter period and, as a result, they are left with the large task of mowing the overgrown grass, tidying and generally sprucing up in time for summer.

And then there are those who are passionate about their garden all year round… 

This month we would like to share with you our favourite gardening bloggers who inspire and teach us how to make the most of our gardens.

The Smallest Smallholding

The Smallest Smallholding is written by Lucy from Bedfordshire, following her journey as a Smallholder from her 20s and now into her 30s.

Lucy’s beautifully designed website is full of well-written articles about general gardening, growing fruit and veg, as well as following her life as a (mostly) vegan gardener.
Emma Cooper

Keen Oxfordshire based gardener, Emma Cooper, blogs regularly on a whole host of topics – from topical book reviews, recipes and, of course, gardening.

Making compost is one of Emma’s passions, as well as growing plants and food. This includes  a number of brightly-coloured weird and wonderful edible assortments, of which she has written about in her recent blog post.
The Compost Bin

The Compost Bin follows the life of an organic family based on Herefordshire, growing their own food, living with a variety of animals (including cats, chickens and guinea pigs), and generally living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.  Oh and they make a lot of compost too!

The Compostwoman, Compostman and Compostgirl have four acres of land consisting of a garden, woodland, small orchard and veg plot.  Some of the food they grow includes fruit and veg, as well as making their own chutneys, jams, ciders and wines, which all-in-all makes it a very enjoyable and interesting blog to follow.
Veg Plotting

This blog follows the life of a gardener who decided to challenge herself to discover new things and work them out on her own, becoming an independent woman on a mission. She was faced with her first battle when she moved to Chippenham in 1999 and looked upon her 15mx15m plot. Her journey is captivating and she has many stories to tell, stories which date back to 2007 (so you better catch up!).
Real Men Sow

After being shown the ropes by his mum Jan, Jono, the author of Real Men Sow, has managed to sustain both his garden and his blog for a number of years.

Taking over a redundant allotment plot back in 2007, Jono has a passion for gardening and clearly enjoys the benefits of his labour in the form of fruit and veg. 

Jono even created a money saving spreadsheet for all savings made from growing food in his allotments!

Hillwards is a diary written by Sara on her hilltop garden in rural south Wales.

Sara’s blog highlights the beautiful array of flowers and plants grown in her large garden, accompanied by a rather awesome banner.  Her garden is well looked after even during the winter seasons, as demonstrated by her blog posts all year round.
Out of My Shed

Naomi Schillinger is behind Out of Shed – a blog following the life of a gardener in north London.  Naomi is a talented grower of vegetables, making use of small spaces and a front garden in urban London.

Out of My Shed has several blog posts on beautiful plants, the food Naomi grows and even some stories and images of wildlife being taken care of.
The London Vegetable Garden

The London Vegetable Garden follows the tales of Callum Saunders who is on a mission to show the people of England that anyone can grow vegetables, no matter how small the space they have to work with.

Callum is a passionate gardener who has been blogging for more than four years.
Vertical Veg

Vertical Veg is a great educational blog for helping to grow food successfully in containers.  There are several tips on Mark’s blog as well as training courses for container growing.

Mark learned his trade when he lived in a London flat by growing on his balcony.  After starting small, Mark ended up eating fresh food off his London balcony nearly every day of the week.  The he moved up North to Newcastle and started all over again.
The Blackberry Garden

Gardening in the evenings and on weekends, it is a happy obsession for the Blackberry Garden blogger…

Blog posts are filled with images of flowers and trees – the main components of this Leicester garden.  And there are lots of bright and colourful flowers to be seen on the Blackberry Garden blog, even during winter.
The Patient Gardener’s Weblog

Helen, the author behind The Patient Gardener’s weblog has helped plant an RHS Chelsea Flower Show showgarden and previously written for Yell as their gardening expert.

Each blog post is well-written with high quality photos of Helen’s garden and all her beautiful plants and flowers on display.
Two Thirsty Gardeners

Authors of Two Thirsty Gardeners, Rich and Nick acquired a neglected allotment plot a couple of years ago.  This blog follows the tales of their battles with slugs, weeds and even yeast infections as they continue to produce fresh fruit and veg.  And from their fruit, they make alcohol, which makes us wonder why they’re still thirsty?
Mark’s Veg Plot

Mark’s Veg Plot in his back garden consists of six fully-stocked raised beds.  His garden is so big it even contains a patio with deckchairs and a table, as well as space for a few trees and of course the standard garden shed.

With the garden being well-kept, Mark blogs about the flowers and food he grows, each accomplished with some fantastic photography.
Noel’s Garden Blog

A garden writer and researcher, lecturer and teacher, Noel’s Garden Blog doesn’t just focus on his own garden but also history lessons as well as trips around the world.
The Garden Smallholder

The Garden Smallholder follows Karen in her North Bedfordshire garden.  A blog about keeping chickens and growing fruit and vegetables mainly.

Karen fell in love with gardening and keeping chickens when she lived in Bristol prior to moving to Bedfordshire in 2008.  As well as a garden of her own, Karen also owns an allotment where she grows fruit and veg.
Tidy Gardens by Jane

Passionate gardener Jane keeps her blog updated with her work and her own garden – including a large number of photos in each blog post of the beautiful, brightly coloured flowers she has grown.
Aberdeen Gardening

Alistair has been gardening for more than four decades and uses his blog, Aberdeen Gardening to profile the plants he and his wife Myra have been growing in Scotland. 

Moving to Cheshire last year, Alistair continues his plant growing and continues to document the work he does in his back garden, including the blossoming Primulas, Crocus and Daffodils.
Alternative Eden

Alternative Eden follows the story of Mark and Gaz’s garden in Bedfordshire.  Using mostly hardy plants with some more tender accent plants in pots, the pair have taken wonderful photos to accomplish their blog posts.

Aside from just plants, Mark and Gaz have also built a Koi Pond in their garden and documented their visits to many public gardens visited both in the United Kingdom and across the world.
Flighty’s Plot

Going by the name of Flighty, Flighty’s Plot follows a 30 by 60 feet allotment in Harrow. 
Most things here are planted or sown directly, including Daffodils, Rhubarb and Crocuses.  The allotment also has its fair share of wildlife making an appearance!
The Anxious Gardener

Save the biggest ‘til last!  David Marsden, the Anxious Gardener looks after six acres of grounds and a sixteenth century priory in East Sussex.

David’s beautiful and mesmerising work is documented on his blog as well as some of the wildlife he has the pleasure to spend time with.  Be sure to check out some of the photos of cute animals David has published on his blog.

Written By Fiona

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