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Congratulations Are In Order!

Tuesday, 17th January 2017

We have a winner for our latest Catalogue Code Prize Draw!

Hi Qwerkiteers!

We have some exciting news: after collating all of the catalogue code entries for the past six months, we have drawn a winner! The prize draw was made on the 15th January 2017.

Huge congratulations to John Coupe! We hope you enjoy your £250 shopping spree on our website.

Thank you to everyone who entered their catalogue code into the prize draw. Keep an eye out for our next draw in July for your chance to win!

Written By Laura-Anne

Spiralize Your Life!

Tuesday, 10th January 2017

Hey Qwerkiteers! We did a live demo of the Spiralizer for you!

Written By Laura-Anne

January Competition

Tuesday, 10th January 2017

Don't miss out on your chance to WIN our Good Intentions Bundle!

Written By Laura-Anne

New Year, New You?

Friday, 6th January 2017

Happy New Year, Qwerkiteers! We hope you all had a wonderful festive season, but now the real work begins! How many of you have made New Year’s resolutions? How good are you at sticking to them? We’ve got some great gizmos to help you along the way with the top resolutions.

Resolution Number 1: Get Fit & Healthy


Muscle Toning Ring

This brilliant device will help you get toned through resistance training. You can even use it when you’re sitting down, so you can multitask by exercising and binge-watching! Hallelujah!



Daily Food Journal

One of the best ways to start down the fit and healthy path is to actually pay attention to what and how much you eat. We’re all good at forgetting all those snacks we munched on at our work desks, but this book will help you to take an honest look at your food intake and help you to stay on track.



Have you joined the courgetti spaghetti craze yet? A perfect way to cut down on carbs and increase your vegetable intake, the Spiralizer can be used with courgettes (or zucchini if you’re across the pond), carrots, aubergines, and pretty much any kind of vegetable you can think of! If you’re stuck for ideas on what you could make with a Spiralizer, have a browse through the Spiralizer Cookbook for some inspiration.



Sod it! Eat Well

Continuing with a healthy eating theme, we also have this brilliant cookbook that encourages healthy eating without needing a dieting plan. Knowing what you should be eating these days can be quite confusing. Are eggs good for me? Is sugar really that bad (please say no!)? What are good fats and bad fats? With this beneficial guide, you can find all these answers and more.


Resolution Number 2: Get Organised


Memo Note Pads

Are you one of those people that likes to write “Make a list” at the top of their to do list? Then these note pads are for you! Help yourself get organised with the Now/Later and To Do/To Buy note pads. Each pad has a perforated line down the middle, so you can separate your lists with ease. Easier than organizing a booze up in a brewery!




Garden Birds Memo Organiser

Who says getting organised has to be dull? With these assorted sticky notes, you can keep on top of your tasks and learn to recognise some of our most beloved garden birds at the same time! Please ‘note’ that staring out of the window trying to spot these birds does not count as being organised or productive (sorry…)!




Magnetic Weekly Planner

Perfect for using in a kitchen or study, this large wipe-clean Weekly Wall Planner looks just like an over-sized diary. Leave yourself reminders, a shopping list, or scribble out a meal plan for the week. We suggest you stick it to your fridge – you’ll never miss it there!


Resolution Number 3: Learn A New Hobby

Pyro Master

With some imagination, using our Pyro Master set, you can create exciting and different works of art on both wood and leather. Pyrography is a great way to help your mind relax after a stressful day, and will give you an excuse for a little more ‘me time’.





Go back to basics with one of the oldest hobbies in the book: whittling. Easy to pick up after a busy day and immensely relaxing and satisfying, all you need is a stick and a craft knife.





Resolution Number 4: Spend Less, Save More


Home Budget Book

Stay on top of your home finances with this no-nonsense Budget Planner. Practical tips and advice cover everything from bank accounts and debit cards, managing your cash flow and creating a balance sheet, to planning goals.


Fresh Food Savers

Avoid food waste (and wasting money!) with these Fresh Food Savers. The discs and bags absorb and remove the ethylene gas released by ripening fruit and vegetables, to extend its life. The discs and bags each last for 3 months.




Resolution Number 5: Travel More


101 Weekends In Europe

Discover your next exciting weekend get-away with a selection of lesser-known European destinations and emerging cities, such as Kiruna and Brno, as well as well-known favourites. All aboard!


The World’s Great Wonders

World travel experts Lonely Planet provide a mesmerising and inspirational overview of 50 amazing natural and manmade wonders that will have you packing your suitcases in a flash!


Harlequin Weekend Bag

This elegant design and colourful pattern will look great whenever or wherever you travel throughout the year! Plus, you’ll have a great excuse for a weekend away.


Wheeled Budget Airline Bag

Maximise your hand luggage allowance with this light Wheeled Bag which complies with all the current budget airlines' carry-on restrictions. Brilliant for a long weekend getaway!


So, there you have it, Qwerkiteers; our best products to help you keep your resolutions! The rest is up to you.  Good luck!

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Written By Laura-Anne

The Best Build-It-Yourself Gifts.

Wednesday, 7th December 2016

Do you need a way to keep them out from underfoot on Christmas morning? Is your Christmas made by having something to build after consuming all that turkey? We’ve picked out our favourite Build-It-Yourself gifts for little kids and big kids alike!

Build Your Own New Holland Tractor


Piece together your 744 piece New Holland Tractor with the nuts and bolts provided. Add the New Holland decals when you’re finished and away you play! For ages 8+.


Make Your Own Clock

Gear them up for science and get the cogs of their brain working! Once complete, the clock has a swinging pendulum and shiny bell that strikes every quarter of an hour. Building this will be a great way to pass the time (ahem). For ages 6+.

Build Your Own V8 Car Engine

Budding engineers and petrol heads in training will love this! Produced by the masters of manuals, Haynes, this kit contains 250 parts to assemble, plus step-by-step instructions. Once built, it features ignition sound and illuminating spark plugs. For ages 10+.


Build Your Own WW2 Planes

Choose between an SE5A Bi-Plane and a Spitfire (or have both!). These wooden replica models fly like a dream using rubber band power! The kits come with all the pieces you need; all you’ll have to supply are pins, a modelling knife, sandpaper and pliers. For ages 14+.




Haynes Construction Sets

Discover the joys of construction with these kits from engineering experts Haynes! For ages 8+.



Wooden Build Your Own Kits

There’s no glue required with these kits – just a little patience! Build a moving tram, a fully working safe or a steam train! For ages 14+.



So, there you go, Qwerkiteers. Let’s get building!


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Written By Laura-Anne

Top Stocking Fillers For Foodies.

Thursday, 1st December 2016

Hey Qwerkiteers! We’re sure you’ve noticed anyway, but today is the first day of December, and we all know what that means: Christmas!

Have you got your stocking fillers sorted yet? If you haven’t, don’t panic! We’ll be doing a few posts to give you some super stocking stuffer ideas. Today, we’re looking at the best little gifts for foodies!

Budget: £5-£10

Mini Confits for Cheese

What is Christmas without a cheese board? These delicious confits by Paxton & Whitfield are delicious!


Marshmallow Fluff

Spread it on toast, add it to hot chocolate or put it on ice cream for a serious sugar rush.

Cocktail Classics™ Jelly Belly

 Ah, Jelly Belly; the undisputed kings of candy. Inside the box you’ll find Peach Bellini, Pomegranate Cosmo, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito. Yum!

The Heat Is On Peanut Butter

Have you ever tried peanut butter and chocolate? How about chocolate and chilli? How about combining all three?! Chocolate chip, peanut butter and chilli cookies, here we come!

Joe and Seph's Gourmet Popcorn

Can you go wrong with popcorn? Have fun choosing your flavours, and don’t forget that you save £2 when you buy five packs.

Budget: £10 - £20

Devil’s Dynamite Gifts Sticks

It’s getting hot in here… There are five different delicious pastes in each gift stick.




Beer Brut

This is the perfect gift for ale aficionados!


Liqueur Chocolates

Continuing with a slightly boozy theme, check out these choccies!

Chocolate Figs

Go truly decadent with these beauties! 12 chocolate wrapped figs with a brandy truffle centre. We’re melting.


Forager’s Selection

Oh, gin; we love you so! These four delicious gin-based liqueurs will make a fab stocking filler.


So, there you have it Qwerkiteers: our top 10 stocking fillers for the food lover in your life. Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be posting more stocking fillers soon!

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Written By Laura-Anne

We're Totally Spaced Out!

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

Hey Qwerkiteers! Are there any aspiring astronauts in your family? Any space specialists? How about novice NASA recruits in training? We have some brilliant gifts that are out of this world!

Deep Space


This is a splendid gift for any budding stargazer! They can sleep beneath the stars in the comfort of their own bedroom (until they’re old enough to visit the Isle of Saark!). The all in one projector, planetarium and night light comes with 3 discs featuring 24 colour images from NASA and the Hubble Space Telescope and three interchangeable domes.


Discover Space


Your little ones can discover the wonders of space, our solar system, the galaxies and the universe with this fascinating set. They can put together and paint their very own model solar system and use the colour information booklet to learn about the planets, volcanoes on Mars, the craters on our moon, living in space, the raging storm on Jupiter that seems to go on forever, and much more.


Freeze-Dried Ice Cream



Chow down space style with this freeze-dried ice cream. We may not be able to take you to space, but we can let you eat like an aspiring astronaut! Originally developed for the early Apollo Missions, this ''space treat'' is freeze-dried so they will last forever. As you eat them your mouth rehydrates the contents to its original delicious state. Choose from Neapolitan Ice Cream or an Ice Cream Sandwich.


2017 Guide To The Night Sky

This brilliant book is perfect for any star gazer. Containing month-by-month chapters, you can learn to identify stars and constellations at any time of the year. Each chapter features a map detailing which stars you will see, information on the stars, moon and planets for that month and a calendar of celestial happenings.



You’ll be starry-eyed with this fabulous stellarscope (wonderfully modelled by Michael…). This amazing gadget allows you to view the stars with one eye whilst identifying them on an illuminated built-in star map with the other. It allows you to discover the magic of 70 constellations and 1,500 stars.


Apollo 11 Jigsaw Puzzle

Celebrate Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon in 1969 with this challenging Jigsaw. Featuring a classic Haynes manual style anatomical drawing of the infamous space rocket, Apollo 11, it’s a great gift for any space fan or puzzler. With 1,000 pieces to fit together, it’s sure to keep space fans quiet for a while!


Earth Space Photography Book

Take a tour of the universe with this fascinating collection of photographs from the archives of NASA. With over 100 breath-taking photographs of Earth, our solar system and deep space, all with explanatory information, this book cannot fail to impress! This mesmerising book will have you contemplating the wonders of the universe.





Alice Scott Porcelain Coasters

Add some space style to your coffee table with these gorgeous astronomy themed coasters.



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Written By Laura-Anne

World Origami Day

Friday, 11th November 2016

Hey Qwerkiteers! Did you see our live video on how to make origami hearts?

Written By Laura-Anne

Don't Panic!

Friday, 11th November 2016

Are you facing that pre-Christmas gift buying panic yet? Stuck for ideas for some unusual presents? No more room in your dad’s sock drawer? Fear not, Qwerkiteers, we’ll come to your rescue with our Top Ten Christmas Gifts!

Formula One Circuits From Above

This gorgeous coffee table book will move you in to gift giving pole position! Written by leading motor sport expert Bruce Jones and featuring over 350 colour photographs from Google Earth, this is the perfect gift for any Formula One fanatic.


Aegean Tray

Carry drinks in one hand without spilling a drop with the Aegean Tray (exclusive to Qwerkity). Impressive and practical, this tray will be a Godsend at your New Year’s Eve party!


Chocolate Teapot

What is teatime without a little opulence? This full-size Chocolate Teapot is hand-made in the UK from dark Belgian chocolate. Fill with hot water to create an indulgently rich fondue, perfect to dip in everything from strawberries to marshmallows.


Build Your Own Moving Tram

This is a fantastic gift for enquiring minds and engineers. The tram will move along its tracks, and even has a secret compartment for passing along messages. Set one up in your office to collect the tea order!


Chocolate Cheese Selection

It’s un-brie-lievably delicious! Exclusive to Qwerkity, this selection contains 4 pieces of cheese and a bunch of grapes, all made from the finest Belgian chocolate.


Laser Tag Shooting Game

Get the kids (and the grown-ups!) to blow off some steam while waiting for Christmas dinner! The Laser Tag Shooting Game can be played inside and outside, and is sure to keep everyone entertained for hours.


Cricket Ball Cufflink Box with Cufflinks

Go traditional and bowl them over with this gorgeous leather cufflink box. Shaped like a cricket ball and with a funky pair of cricket themed cufflinks, this is a fabulous gift for any cricket fan.


Tropical Rainforest Bath Flowers

Treat her to a gorgeous DIY spa-style experience with these beautiful bath flowers. Infused with essential oils, the petals dissolve to create a relaxing and aromatic bath.


Chilli Hanging Basket

Looking for some hot stuff? This grow-your-own chilli hanging basket is brilliant for anyone who likes things a bit spicy!


Marmite Popcorn

Do you love it or hate it? The iconic controversial spread makes for some gorgeous popcorn! This is an unrivalled taste sensation that even diehard haters will love!


So, stay calm, Qwerkiteers!  We've got your fun and unusual gifts covered.

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Written By Laura-Anne

No Tricks, All Treats!

Wednesday, 26th October 2016

Well, it's that time of year again, Qwerkiteers: the nights are drawing in, the leaves are dropping all over the place, and our excuse to pig out on all sorts of confectionary is nigh! That's right, it's nearly Halloween! Here are our top treats for this tricksy night!

Alcoholic Sweets

Definitely just for the grown-ups! These deliciously boozy sweets are just heaven if you like a sweet tipple. Each pastille contains half a shot, so eat responsibly! You can choose from vodka, whisky, or a mixed cocktail flavour. Cheers!



Gummy Bacon

Continuing with a gummy theme, check out this awesome Gummy Bacon! It’s great if you’re a fan of strawberry laces, but it’s bacon flavoured! Weird, but strangely wonderful, these bacon sweeties are suitable for vegetarians.





Spreadable Goodies


Coffee and/or Beer fiends, unite! Now you can spread your favourite flavours on to whatever takes your fancy (keep it clean, Qwerkiteers!). The Spreadable Coffee is made with high-quality Arabica beans, and smells amazing. You can add it to homemade cakes, spread it on toast or (my particular favourite) spread it on some breakfast pastries! The <>Spreadable Beer makes a great alternative to Marmite or chutney: try it with meats, hard cheeses or chestnuts.


Joe and Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn

What is a scary movie without popcorn? You need something to throw at the TV when you get scared; if you can bear to let any of these wacky flavours go!


Popping Candy

Treat or trick someone with these unexpected flavours! Choose from bacon, wasabi or beer.


Masquerading Chocolates

In the spirit of Halloween, these chocolates have come disguised as something else; cheese, fruit and vegetables! We think these are a sneaky way to claim you’ve had your five-a-day!





Bubble Licks

Not only are these bubbles super tasty, but you and your friends will have great fun running round the room trying to catch them! Sadly (ahem!), there’s no video evidence of us testing these in the office, but let’s just say gin was our favourite flavour! Hic!


Monty Bojangles Chocolate Treats

Words cannot express our love for Monty. We can tell you that there are no samples of these chocolates left in our office. Each new box was empty within five minutes. These choccies have our affirmative seal of approval!

We hope you have a spook-tastic Halloween, Qwerkiteers!  Tweet us some pictures of your Halloween costumes!


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Written By Laura-Anne

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