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Fireworks Spectacular - it's Bonfire Night!

Friday, 2nd November 2012

It's Bonfire Night on Monday 5th November - are you ready for a magical display?

Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing FlamesRemember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot…yes that’s right - Bonfire Night is not too far away and is one of my favourite nights of the year! Did you know it was over 400 years ago, back in 1605 when the Gunpowder Plot was foiled?
Today we celebrate Bonfire Night by burning a dummy Guy on the top of a bonfire, and light the night sky with fireworks! 
However if you are looking for your own mini bonfire display, then our Mystical Fire Magic Colour Changing Flames are a must to create a spectacular display on any indoor or outdoor wood burning fire. Make sure you also watch the product video to see it in action.
Have a safe and happy fireworks night!

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Halloween - 31st October 2012

Wednesday, 24th October 2012

Everything you need to have a scarily spooky Halloween on 31st October 2012.

Halloween, celebrated on 31stOctober is just around the corner so if you haven’t got the perfect costume yet to go trick-or-treating, or to wear at a scary Halloween party, then take a look at what scary treats we have to offer to have a spookily good time.
If dressing as a Vampire appeals to you this Halloween, then our Special FX Fangs are sure to give your mates a fright! Moulding to your mouth, they look just like your own set of teeth. PLUS they are now reduced from £9.99 to £6.99! Screaming Skull Straw
For those having a Halloween Party and making your own deadly concoctions, why not serve your drinks with our Screaming Skull Straws, which emits blood curdling screams as you drink - mwahahaha!
Finally our Comb-in Hair Colours will add that finishing touch to any costume. Available in blue or red, it works in minutes, and can be washed out in an instant.
We have also compiled some of our favourite Halloween jokes just to get into the spirit of things...
What has webbed feet, fangs and goes quack-quack?
Count Duckula
What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
Hoblin Goblin
Where do ghosts go to mail their letters?
At the ghost office
Why not let us know your favourite Halloween jokes, and tell us what you will be doing and wearing for Halloween – we always love hearing from you.

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National Baking Week 15th – 21st October

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

Don’t despair that the Great British Bake Off has come to an end – with such an exciting final episode – get into the kitchen yourself and start baking – it’s National Baking Week.

Biscuit and Cupcake Decorating SetWho likes cake? I know I do – you can’t beat the classic fairy cake (in my opinion), although I am quite fond of Victoria Sponge, and even a good Chocolate Fudge Cake. So, if you are a cake lover as much as I am (and the rest of the Presents for Men team) then you’ll be pleased to hear that this week is National Baking Week, so get your aprons on and get those baking tins out.
As it is National Baking Week, we wanted to share our favourite baking gadgets, tools and books with you… 
Decorate your cakes and biscuits to perfection with our Biscuit and Cupcake Decorating Set or use our Rotating Mini Decorating Stand to ensure perfect icing decorations every time.Kids Luxury Starter Baking Kits
Once you have completed your perfectly decorated cupcakes, why not show them off to all your friends and family with our Cupcake and Muffin Stands?
Make baking a family occasion and get your kids involved too! Our Kids’ Luxury Starter Baking Sets are perfect for children who love to cook and we have sets for both girls and boys.
Who said cakes should be small? Why not make one GIANT cupcake instead, with our Giant Cupcake Mould for everyone to feast their eyes upon. 
 Giant Cupcake Mould
Finally why not tantalise those tastebuds with these fabulous books full of inspiring recipes and creations:
1. Hello Cupcake!
2. What’s New Cupcake? Recipe Book
3. The Birthday Cake Book
And if you love your cake, but are not so keen on baking, then try our fabulous Whisky Cake and Boozy Cakes - they’re delicious.
Happy Baking everyone!

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National Chocolate Week 8th - 14th October

Monday, 8th October 2012

It’s National Chocolate Week – so take a look at our favourite heavenly chocolate products.

There’s always a good reason to have some chocolate (well at least I think so), but no better reason than this – it’s National Chocolate Week and that means one whole week of pure chocolate indulgence without the guilt – hooray!
Anyone who loves their chocolate will love National Chocolate Week. Held from Monday 8th – 14th October, those with a sweet tooth can indulge in their favourite chocolate treats and not feel (too) guilty about it. I know in this office there are some serious chocoholics!
So, to celebrate this occasion, we have come up with our favourite chocolate products on our website right now… Chocolate Lover's Gift Set
If you call yourself as a serious chocoholic like some of the Presents for Men team do, then the Chocolate Lover’s Gift Set is for you. Packed full of a whole range of chocolate goodies, it won’t take you long to be in chocolate heaven. From delicious Belgian Chocolate Chip Biscuits, to a tub of heavenly Dark Chocolate Shavings to melt in hot milk, not forgetting a triple pack of mouthwatering plain, milk and white Chocolate Bars plus lots more chocolate treats, you will not be disappointed.
For those creative chocoholics, I know the perfect treat for you! Magic Choc Deluxe Pack is great for children and adults alike. Roll up and make your own chocolate creations from this delicious Belgian Chocolate, including rockets, crocodiles and rabbits, and once made – there’s only one thing you can do…eat them!
After you have eaten all these delicious chocolate goodies, why not experiment making your own chocolate delights with our superb Gü Chocolate Cookbook which contains over 100 recipes from irresistible chocolate puddings, cakes as well as savoury recipes.
Why not let us know what your favourite chocolate or your favourite chocolate recipe is by filling in the comments box below? Mine has got to be Chocolate and Cherry Sponge Melting Pots drizzled with a White Chocolate Rum Sauce – delicious!
Happy National Chocolate Week everyone!

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Top 5 Favourite Autumn Gifts

Wednesday, 26th September 2012

With over 450 new products added to our Autumn gift catalogues, here are 5 Autumn favourites.

Spectacular New Gift Collection
Our brand new Presents for Men and Gifts for the Girls catalogues have now landed and there are over 450 original, stylish and practical presents to choose from to suit men, boys, girls and women of all ages.
However if you are feeling overwhelmed by choice – then take a look at my 5 favourite new products.Magic Wand Remote Control
My absolute favourite new product has got to be the Magic Wand Remote Control which will suit any buzzing wizard or Harry Potter fan. With one swish of this wand you can turn on TVs and DVD players and control the channel or volume – this will definitely amaze your friends and family!  
If you are looking at creating a romantic meal for 2, then the Ice Wine Cooler is a must. Create your very own sensational ice bucket made out of real ice with this ingenious mould. You can even add your own decoration to it – flower petals, fruit or pebbles are just a few ideas to get you started! Ice Wine Cooler
Unleash the comic within you with our very own Mr Bean Mask. Perfect for any fancy dress party, this mask gives you the chance to behave like one of television’s funniest men! But if Mr Bean isn’t funny enough for you, we also have Michael McIntyre and Harry Hill masks to choose from as well.
Now that the colder nights are drawing in, make sure you keep yourself warm and cosy with our adorable Scented Gromit Hottie. Filled with a mixture of dried lavender and millet seeds, this Gromit Hottie can be heated in the microwave, and is perfect for any Wallace and Gromit lover.
 Framework Specs Holder
Finally, if you are someone who always seems to be losing your glasses, then our novelty Framework Specs Holder will keep them safe so you will never misplace them again. 
Don’t forget, we have OVER 450 fabulous new products to choose from so make sure you take a look. Why not tell us which products are your favourites by leaving a comment in the box below – we always love hearing from you!

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Top Grooming Products For Metrosexual Men

Friday, 31st August 2012

Male grooming is getting complicated! Hair Mascara, Guyliner, Concealer, Lip Balm – Here’s what today’s metrosexual man needs in his bathroom cabinet.

Is your man spending more time in the bathroom getting ready than you do? Or does he seem to take a lot of pride in his personal appearance by styling his hair, moisturising and cleansing?
Today’s society is showing that male grooming is getting more complicated, and there is more and more focus on personal appearance than ever before. The chances that your man has probably worn the odd bit of male make up are good, whether it is concealer or foundation to hide blemishes on his face.
The term Metrosexual is actually a neologism and coined in 1994 from the words metropolitan and heterosexual to describe a man who tends to live in an urban culture and spends a lot of time and money on shopping and his appearance.
Men in the 21st century are now wanting to use male beauty products and are focused on men’s grooming, especially since the products used today are more subtle than the days of David Bowie, Marc Bolan and glam rock. It’s now becoming harder to tell whether a man is wearing make up or if he remains all natural. Guyliner Mascara

Here are our 5 top grooming products for the metrosexual man:

  1. Hair Mascara
  2. Guyliner Mascara
  3. Guyliner Disguys Concealer
  4. Guyliner Lip Balm
  5. 3 in 1 Nasal Trimmer

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August Introduce a Friend Competition Winner

Tuesday, 7th August 2012

Find out who are latest Introduce a Friend competition winner is!

We have just drawn our latest winner from our Introduce a Friend Competition, where we sent out Introduce a Friend cards with our Essentials catalogues.
Congratulations to Mrs Jane Riley, our latest Introduce a Friend Competition winner. Your £50 worth of gift vouchers will be on their way shortly.
Thank you to everyone who entered and filled out the cards recommending a friend - we had over 170 recommendations. We hope that you all find some great gift ideas for yourself, friends and family.

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Autumn Essentials Sneak Preview

Monday, 6th August 2012

Here is a sneak preview of our Autumn essentials collection with over 100 new products to choose from.

Our Autumn essentials catalogues have just been mailed, and should be arriving on doormats this week. We have some fabulous new products to choose from – but if you can’t wait that long, here is a sneak preview of what the catalogue has to offer.Photo, Slide & Negative Scanner for iPhone
We have added over 100 new practical and useful gadgets and accessories for your home, garden, DIY and travel – so there’s plenty to choose from. However, if you’re overwhelmed by choice – have no fear – here are my top 5 favourites (although it was quite a tough decision to make!).
Firstly I think the Photo, Slide & Negative Scanner for iPhone is simply brilliant. Mixing old with new, you can now view all your existing printed photographs, negatives or family slides on your iPhone. It also includes a powerful editing App for converting slides and negatives which you can even share on Facebook – and perhaps embarrass family members or friends with a photo from the past!  
If you’re into cooking, then you will love our new range of ingenious gadgets and accessories for the kitchen. However, I think my favourite new kitchen gadget has to be the Citrus Spritzer. You can literally squirt juice from lemons or limes over salads exactly where you want it, without gettingTraffic Light Timer juice in your eyes! Genius – every kitchen should have one of these.
I also love the Traffic Light Timer. It alerts you to how much time you have left by lighting up from green to yellow and finally turns red when only 1 minute remains and then buzzes when time is up. 
Anyone with children will love our Photo Height Chart. From birth right up until your child reaches 117cm tall you can record their height with photos on this unusual chart, and have a memento of their childhood.
Finally, if you worry about bumping your car when parking in your garage, our Park Smart Parking Mat will make parking simple and safe. It is designed to help guide you into the space, and the ridge lets you know exactly when to stop. Park Smart Parking Mat
Of course there are over 100 more new essential products to choose from online, so make sure you have a look to avoid missing out on something fabulous.
You can also tell us what products you love by using the comments box below– we always enjoy hearing from you.

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How did I ever live without one of those?

Thursday, 19th July 2012

Here are 50 fiendishly clever gadgets to solve everyday problems.

How did I live without one of those?

Do you ever think to yourself when you’re halfway through a job that there must be an easier way? I know I do, and that’s why we’ve put together a collection of our top 50 fiendishly clever gadgets to solve everyday problems.
From Onion Goggles to stop those nasty onions making you cry, to the fantastic Stabletable to keep that wobbly table still whether at home or in a restaurant, you will be amazed by what we have to offer!
And for a sneak preview, here is our Top 10 gadgets that you shouldn’t live without…

  1. Onion Goggles - No More Tears
  2. Stabletable - No More Wobbly Tables
  3. BodyBaster – Sun Cream Tool for your Back
  4. Slug & Snail Trap
  5. Microfibre Blind Cleaner
  6. Stapleless Stapler
  7. Egg Topper
  8. Pebble Safe – Hide your spare key
  9. Wine Glass Savers
  10. Nail Gripper Safety Tool
To see our full collection of clever gadgets here.

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Top 10 Fiendishly Clever Pest Control Gadgets

Tuesday, 19th June 2012

Don't let spiders and other pests ruin your summer. Check out out Top 10 pest control gadgets to keep unwelcome bugs at bay!

Spider CatcherPrepare to welcome your new housemates with the coming of Spider Season. No need to bang those slippers or rolled up newspapers as this fiendishly clever Spider Catcher is perfect for humane arachnophobes.

It’s not just spiders though, ants, wasps, moths, woodlice, silverfish, flies, beetles, cockroaches and mites are all conspiring right now to ruin your Summer. The Ardap Pest Control Spray is highly recommended for a rather less humane creepy crawly solution. Look out behind you!
Here is our top 10 of pest control gadgets:

  1. Spider Catcher - now out of stock                           Portable Insect Repeller
  2. Ardap Pest Control Spray                                        
  3. Multi-Hook Moth Killers                                 
  4. Wasp Trap                                             
  5. Dust Mite Controllers                                    
  6. Outdoor Sonic Pest Repeller                                   
  7. Outdoor Infra-red Pest Repeller                          
  8. Portable Insect Repeller                           
  9. Portable Mosquito Killer                                         
  10. Advanced Mouse & Rat Repeller                       

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