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20 Awesome Christmas Presents for Teenagers

Monday, 18th November 2013

Teenagers are a troublesome bunch to buy for. Luckily, we've got a whole host of awesome gadgets and quirky gifts suitable for boys and girls this Christmas.

Teenagers’ interests change as often as their moods. One minute they’re desperate for the latest quirky gadget, the next minute they’re after some new clothing to freshen up their look.

Thankfully, Presents for Men have searched high and low for the ultimate Christmas gift selection for hard to please teenagers.

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1.     iMusic Pillow

Teens can listen to their favourite tracks from the comfort of their own pillow. The pillow has a built in speaker, so there’s no need for headphones. Find it here

2.     Touch Speaker

This portable speaker for mobiles means they can listen to music anywhere, anytime. Find it here

3.     Waterproof Earphones

For keep fit teens, these can be worn when out jogging in the rain. Find them here

4.     Snow Scooter

At the first sight of snow, boys and girls can whiz down the slopes or simply use this scooter to get about. Find it here

5.     VW Camper Van Cushion

Fans of the classic camper van will love this comfy homage to the stylish automobile.  It has a superb finish with high quality tapestry. Find it here

6.     Big Face Animal T-shirt: Pug

Pug lovers can show their appreciation of the feisty pup with this all-over printed pug face T-shirt. Find it here

7.     Design your own Umbrella

Young ladies can express their creativity by placing their designs on their very own umbrella. Find it here.

8.     One Direction Stand-Ups

Teens can get closer to their favourite member of One Direction with these stand-ups. Why not  collect the whole band for a private gig! We've got the whole set (in this order), Liam, Niall, Zyan, Harry and Louis.

9.     Retro Sweets

A near infinite supply of fruity chews, sherbet fountains, love hearts, lollipops, blackjacks, refreshers, stingers fizzers and many more of their favourite retro sweets. Find them here

10.   Inflatable Chair and Footrest

If getting them to do their homework is a tall order, this comfy chair will persuade them to swot up. Find it here

11.Glow in the Dark Star Map

This showcases all the constellations in the night time sky. It glows in the dark too, making for awesome bedtime reading. Find it here

12.  Big Face Animal T-shirt: Labrador

This incredibly detailed image of a black Labrador is a real statement piece of clothing. Find it here

13.  Naked Laundry Bag

Measurement markers show teenagers how long they’ve got until they’re out of clothes. This might encourage them to do their washing more frequently! Find it here

14.   Space Rug Fleece

The ultimate lounging accessory, complete with hood, full length sleeves  and two pockets to store the TV remote and a mobile phone with the local take-away on speed-dial. Find it here

15.   Where’s Stig Book

Who is the Stig? Where does he go when he’s not cruising around the track? Find the elusive Stig in this Glovebox edition book. Find it here

16.   Scratch Travel Map

Perfect for the nomads among us. As they collect their experiences across different lands, they can scratch off each destination on their very own world map. Find it here

17.   Dining Table Ping Pong

Turn your dining room into the Ping Pong World Championships. Metal posts clamp easily to your dining table. Complete with professional, high quality bats and sweat bands for when the game gets intense. Find it here

18.   Ultimate Survival Manual

Survival expert Rich Johnson shares survival tips for many scenarios, covering tsunamis, coping in the wilderness to driving on black ice. Perfect for any teen with a keen interest in survival mechanisms and tactics. Find it here

19.   Wild Sling Giant Water Balloon Launcher

Water balloon fights have reached a whole new level. Teens can channel entire body strength to launch water balloons further with this sling launcher. Find it here

20.   Back Up iPhone Charger

No teenager is ever too far from their mobile phone. With up to 250 hours extra standby power, this will keep them texting, uploading photos and checking their social network accounts for longer. Find it here

In the run up to Christmas we’ll be releasing new discounts codes every week for a different range of products. So don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, to claim your code!

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10 Brilliant Christmas Presents for Boyfriends

Monday, 11th November 2013

Looking for Christmas present inspiration for your boyfriend? We've got a great selection of gifts to suit all manner of males. Shop gifts for boyfriends now!

Step away from the slippers; he’s your boyfriend not your granddad!

Take a look at our awesome selection of gift ideas that will score big boyfriend points.

Dont forget to Like us on Facebook to get an exclusive discount code for this selection of gifts only.

Here are our top 10 (well, a bit more than ten, because we’re so thoughtful):

Idea 1: Perfect collection for a lazy day

funniest YouTube videos

For boyfriends who like to chill to the max. We’ve got their perfect lazy day sorted:
  1. Marmite chocolate – surprisingly tasty!
  2. Duff Beer - a refreshing alcoholic drink from his favourite cartoon
  3. The most Amazing YouTube Videos Ever – a collection of 150 clips of the funniest and coolest clips from YouTube.

Idea 2 Help for Heroes boxers

Are you sick of your boyfriend never having enough pairs of undies? Now you can subtly improve upon his undergarments – and for a good cause too!

In support of Help the Heroes, your man can look like a hero too in these stylish cotton boxers.

Available in a range of sizes, these are great for men who prefer fitted smalls.
Choose from two styles of camouflage and a pack of three in black with coloured waistband trim.

Idea 3 “How to Parachute into a Moving Car” Top Gear book


This comically named survival guide provides the modern man with instructions to solve everyday situations – with the logic of Top Gear, obviously.

This is a must for any Top Gear fan. Find it here

Idea 4 Star Wars origami

Evoke the power of the Jedi to craft these iconic Star Wars characters, weapons and machines from paper. With 36 models to create, you might not see your boyfriend for a while. Find it here

Idea 5 Build your own Robot Arm

If your partner despises the arduous task of picking things up within close range, this mechanical robot arm is just what he needs. But he’ll have to build it first!

Replete with instructions and 5 switch controller, the arm can rotate, move at the elbow and wrist and grip things - ideal for passing him a beer. Find it here

Idea 6 Worn to be Wild Suits

If your boyfriend loves quirky style, these three piece suits are real statement pieces.

Check out the Mr Jack Suit, showcasing an entire poker set pattern, and the Testival Suit, displaying the BBC’s iconic colour test card from the 1960s. Available in a range of sizes, each suit comprises suit jacket, trousers and a matching tie.

Idea 7: Mighty Boom Ball Speaker

If your fella can never be without music, this portable ball transforms almost any surface into a speaker. Bottles, cans, tables and pretty much anything you can think of will amplify music once it comes into contact with this little gizmo. All it requires is an MP3 or iPhone connection. Find it here

Idea 8: Bicycle indicators


As the darker nights set in, cycling enthusiasts can ensure their safety with this fun bike indicator. Click the left or right button on the handlebar controller and LED arrows will illuminate left and right on the back monitor.

They’re easily attached to bikes of all sizes and are fully waterproof. Find it here

Idea 9: Playboy’s Greatest Covers

Playboy Magazine Covers 

Chosen by the original play dude, Hugh Hefner, this hardback book includes the most iconic images to grace the cover of Playboy Magazine.  There’s also a foreword from Playboy veteran herself, Pamela Anderson.

Give your boyfriend the gift of pretty ladies this Christmas. Major boyfriend points with this! Find it here

Idea 10: Sneaker Slippers

slipper sneakers

As a stylish alternative to the Christmas gift cliché, these slipper sneakers look just like his favourite battered pair of trainers. Available in two colours and in a range of sizes, they should cover an unsightly pair of holey socks perfectly! Find them here

Please note: only the Christmas gifts featured in this blog post are available for this week’s discount.

Please visit our Facebook Page and subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly discount codes in the countdown to Christmas.

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Top 10 Funny Gifts For Men

Friday, 1st November 2013

Are you struggling with what to buy him this Christmas? We've hand-picked ten of the most humorous gifts suitable for men of all ages. And because we're feeling festive, there's 30% off all of the gifts featured.

Finding presents for the men in your life needn’t be troublesome this Christmas. With our top pick of the funniest and silliest gifts for men, their festive season will be full of LOLs and endless hours of entertainment.

For an added bonus, you can claim a discount on all the products featured on our Christmas Facebook campaign using discount code: XMASWK1

(Presents for men cannot be held responsible for irritated wives, girlfriends, sisters and Mums)
Here are our top ten funny Gifts for Men:

Magic Wand Remote Control

Expelliarmus! It’s the world’s first real working wand.  Whoever holds this wand has the power to control technology!

With a swish of your wrist you can change the song on your iPod, magically switch on the TV, and even conjure up the DVD loading dock.  The aspiring wizard can delight their friends and family with their magical skills.

Check out the video to see the Kymera Wand in action:


Grab your wand from Ollivanders (okay, our online store) at a magical 30% this week only!

Fifty Sheds of Grey

fifty sheds of grey novel

Who says the ladies get to have all the best books?

This parody of the bestseller will become the new companion for the pun loving male.
Charting the unbridled love between one man and his shed, this book promises laugh out loud hilarity and plenty of double entendres. This is not for the faint hearted.

Buy it here
30% discount

Mr Bean Tricks & Pranks

The nation’s favourite mute comedian returns with this kit of staple pranks. It includes a whoopee cushion – perfect for pranking Granddad at the Christmas dinner table; the classic nail in the finger trick to make sisters squirm and finger-snapping gum to zap their mates.

Start one young boy on the road to prankster haven, get the kit here and laugh all the way to the checkout because you can get 30% off!

Man Points Game

Strictly for adults, the Man Points Game pushes masculinity to the limit.

Each participant must take it in turn to scratch the laminated poster to reveal 32 challenges. Who will be crowned the "Manliest" of them all? Grab it roughly and in a manly way here at a 30% off this week only.

Christmas Apron

christmas apron

Let’s face it, not all of us love Christmas as much as Santa’s elves. Grab one of these festive aprons for the Christmas chef with a cheeky streak.

Available in two colours, red and black, and with a choice of different messages including:

  • “ho bloody ho”
  • “bah humbug”
  • And “Stuff Christmas”
One size fits every scrooge. Buy them here

Stealth Archery Set

Archery set at Presents for Men

This full size archery set is for epic sized combat.

Warriors alike will love this set for outdoor play. With suction capped ammunition, it’s 100% safe, so there’s no need to worry about war wounds – or the family air looms.

It’s exceptionally good value for hours of fun. Buy it here at a whopping 30% off.

Snowball Blaster

Snowball gun at Presents for Men

Never lose a snowball fight again.

Guys of all ages will be able to launch snowballs at their enemies from distances of up to 50cms. The easy load feature is perfect for warriors who prefer adding a tactical advantage!

Pick up a snowball blaster for your man here - and don't forget to use the dicsount code.

Man Bowl

Giant bowl at Presents for Men

Real men eat man-sized portions; and man-sized portions need a bowl big enough to contain them.
Forget the family china; they’ll never need to eat out of anything else ever again. They can use it to eat their cereal, eat a curry or make a cucumber sandwich look even manlier. 

It’s the perfect gift for students; saves on space, saves embarrassment and adds about a million cool points to its owner. Get your hands on it here

Secret Agent Alarm Clock

gun time display and alarm clock

James Bond eat your heart out. With this alarm clock, your man has the ability to shoot time. Okay, we don’t mean with an actual bullet, we mean projecting it onto any surface, anywhere.

This looks like a gun, feels like a gun and it tells the time. It’s also a fully functioning alarm clock too. Perfect for those looking for a career in espionage! Grab it here

Build your own Car Engine

build your own car engine

Available in two different kits, the Internal Combustion Kit and the Build your Own V8 Engine can both be grabbed this week at 30% off. If he likes a project, this is the ideal gift to keep him entertained over the Christmas Holidays.

The end product looks and sounds like a fully working engine, without the oil stains on your dining table!

So, if you’re shopping for a prankster, a budding engineer or someone who’s difficult to please, we’ve got gifts suitable for men of all ages. 
Like us on Facebook to receive new discount codes every single week!

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November Birthday Gift Ideas

Wednesday, 16th October 2013

Do you know someone with a birthday coming up? Here are our top birthday gift ideas for men, women, teens and children.

November Birthday Gift ideas
Do you know someone who is passionate, emotional and secretive, or who is optimistic, honest and intellectual? Chances are they’re either a Scorpio or Sagittarius with a birthday coming up.

If you’re struggling for a gift idea then we have a wide selection of great birthday gift ideas for men, women, teenagers and children. If you’re looking for a birthday gift which is a little more special, make sure you take a look at our personalised gifts, but remember to order early for that special birthday present.

Here are our top birthday gift ideas for Men: 100 Places You Will Never Visit
100 Places You Will Never Visit
Personalised 3 Pack Man's Virtues Set
Red Chilli Milk Chocolates

3 great birthday gifts for Women:
Downton Abbey 2013 Jigsaw Puzzle
Quirky 50ish Mug
Penhaligon’s Gift Box of Miniature Fragrances

Great Birthday ideas for Teens:
Build Your Own Mechanical Robot Arm
Sneakers Silly Socks

Don’t forget the Kids:
Glam My Watch
Personalised Pencil Case & Pencils
Magic Choc Deluxe Pack

If these gift ideas don’t quite suit, don’t forget to check out our whole Gift collection.

Did you know that John Cleese and Julia Roberts are both Scorpios with birthdays on October 27th and 28th? However, Billy Connolly is a Sagittarius celebrating his birthday on November 24th. Let us know if you share your birthday with these celebrities or any other famous person.

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Personalised Christmas Gifts for Him & Her

Thursday, 10th October 2013

Make someone’s Christmas even more special this year with a personalised Christmas gift.

Personalised Christmas GiftsIf you’re looking for that extra-special, thoughtful gift this Christmas with a unique and individual touch, nothing says ‘thoughtful’ more than a personalised gift.

Our collection of hand-picked gifts can be personalised with names and messages. Choose from wine, Champagne or spirits; mugs, calendars, jigsaws, stationery and more. Our Christmas Stockings and Personalised Christmas Sack will certainly add that extra touch of magic this Christmas.

To make choosing easier we have put together our top 5 personalised Christmas gifts for men and for women.

Top 5 Personalised Christmas Gifts for Men

  1. Personalised Merlot Red Wine
  2. Personalised Beano Paperback Comic
  3. Personalised Rugby Changing Room Frame
  4. Personalised Whisky Gift Set
  5. Personalised Golf Calendar
Top 5 Personalised Christmas Gifts for Women Personalised Pencil Cases & Pencils
  1. Boxed Personalised Champagne
  2. Personalised Pencil Case & Pencils
  3. Personalised Loose Women Mug
  4. Personalised Teddy Bears
  5. Personalised Pride & Prejudice Kindle Cover
Take a look at our whole Personalised Gifts collection for even more personalised gift ideas.

Don’t forget to order early, as personalisation and delivery may take longer as we approach Christmas.
(Normal delivery may take 7-14 days).

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Top 50 Boredom Busters

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Do you get bored easily? Don't despair – take a look at our Top 50 Boredom Busting games, gadgets and accessories – for young and old.

Top 50 Boredom BustersAre you someone who gets bored easily at home, at work or when travelling, or maybe you have children who always tell you that they’re bored? Fear not – help is at hand!

We have compiled a list of our Top 50 Boredom Busters to put boredom aside for good. From games to puzzles to humorous books and much more, we’re sure to have something to relieve boredom (and they also make great gift ideas too!).

To get you started, here is our Top 10 favourite Boredom Busters for kids and adults:

  1. Basket Case Headband Hoop Game
  2. Jelly Belly™ Bean Boozled
  3. Desktop Drum Set
  4. Maze Ball
  5. Catapulting Flying Chicken
  6. Dog-Opoly™
  7. Build Your Own V8 Engine
  8. The Gorgeous Colouring Book for Grown-Ups
  9. The Little Book of Whittling
  10. Friendship Charm Bracelet Kits

Still bored? Take a look at the whole Top 50 Boredom Busters collection for even more quirky ideas and boredom cures.

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10 Best Gardening Tools & Accessories for Autumn

Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

Is your garden ready for Autumn? If not then here are some handy tools and accessories to make those gardening jobs quicker and easier.

Autumn is finally here and the change in the weather means those much-needed gardening jobs are looming – clearing leaves, planting Spring bulbs, cutting back perennials and protecting your outside tap from freezing.

To help make light work of these all-important jobs, we have put together our top 10 most useful and best gardening tools and accessories for Autumn gardening.Ingenious Autumn Garden Gadgets

  1. Helping Hands Leaf Collectors
  2. Wheel Barrow Extender
  3. Garden Tap Jacket
  4. Ultralight Hedge Shears
  5. Hedgehog Gutter Brushes
  6. Bulb Planting Trowel
  7. Shed Tidy
  8. Drain Tidy
  9. Big Dibber
  10. Speed Weeder Gardening Tool
Don’t forget to view the full collection of our Autumn Garden Gadgets to ensure your garden is prepared.

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Top 10 Best Gifts for Girls

Thursday, 26th September 2013

Top 10 Best Gifts for Girls from our latest Gifts for the Girls Autumn Collection for anyone in need of a little gift inspiration.

Can you believe Autumn is here, and our Autumn Gifts Catalogues have already landed.  We’ve added over 500 brand new gifts, gadgets and accessories for women, girls, men and boys of all ages and are very excited about the new collection.

If you’re not quite sure what your wife, girlfriend, mum, sister, niece, aunt or grandmother wants for their birthday, Christmas or a special occasion, then we have all sorts of fun, quirky, pampering and practical presents to suit all budgets. Top 10 Best Gifts for Girls

Here are my top 10 best gifts for girls to help inspire you:

1) Tabby Cat Spectacles Case- cat lovers will adore this
2) Ice Stick - no more diluted drinks
3) Talk to the Hand Bluetooth Gloves - the quirky way to answer your phone
4) Dig In Salad Servers - the fun way to serve salad
5) The Cocktail Kit - impress your guests with your cocktail-making skills
6) DIY Stripe Cone Bird House - Give your garden birds a smart new home
7) Clipster Wireless Speaker - enjoy music on the go
8) Mr Tea - makes the perfect brew
9) Crabtree & Evelyn Ultimate Hand Therapy - perfect pampering
10) Find & Make™ Doll’s House Kit - time to get creative
See the whole Autumn Gifts Collection online now – there’s over 500 more great gifts to choose from, which would also make top Christmas gifts for girls.

Happy shopping!

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Top 10 Best Gifts for Men

Thursday, 19th September 2013

Here are my Top 10 Best Gifts for Men from our latest Autumn Gifts Collection – now online.

Autumn is just around the corner, which means that our Autumn Gifts Catalogues are landing on doormats this week. We’re all very excited and have added over 500 brand new gifts, gadgets and accessories for men, boys, women and girls of all ages.

If you really struggle trying to find the perfect gifts for men then we have a whole range of fun and quirky gifts perfect for husbands, boyfriends, dads, grandfathers, uncles, nephews and brothers, not forgetting practical and unusual gifts too. Top 10 Gifts for Men

Here are my top 10 best gifts for men to help inspire you:

1) Marmite® Chocolate - perfect for any Marmite® Lover (or to convert a hater!)
2) Memphis Record Player - a great gift idea for music lovers
3) Singing Egg Timer - an ‘eggcellent’ present for anyone who can’t even boil an egg!
4) Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs - any cyclist will enjoy this book
5) Bar10der Multi-Tool - show off your cocktail-making skills with this clever gadget
6) Worn to be Wild Testival Suit - perfect to wear in the office or at a party
7) Whisky Aroma Kit - become a whisky expert with this kit
8) Cufflink Collection Box - a stylish box to store all your favourite cufflinks
9) Cut Above the Rest Wash Bag - perfect for any man who travels
10) Remote Control Space Man - this little space man will be loved by young and old
Don’t forget to view the whole Autumn Gifts Collection online now – there’s over 500 more great gifts to choose from which would also make top Christmas gifts for men!

Happy shopping!

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Best travel accessories for Bank Holiday Getaways

Monday, 12th August 2013

Here are our top 10 best travel accessories and gadgets for any Bank Holiday Getaway.

The August Bank Holiday weekend is nearly upon us, and for many this is our last long weekend before the Christmas holidays. If you’re making the most of the extra day off and going on a short break, make sure you don’t leave home without our best travel accessories and cool gadgets to make any trip a success.
Travel accessories and gadgets

  1. Luggage Packing Cubes - pack and organise all your clothes carefully and neatly
  2. AA European Travel Kit - essential for any European road trips
  3. Near the Motorways - avoid busy and over-priced service stations and find somewhere a little more pleasant to stop and take a break
  4. Smart Emergency Charger - keep your gadgets charged, even in the middle of nowhere!
  5. 14-Piece Carry-on Toiletries Set - no need to bring all your full-sized toiletries with you – just decant them into these handy-sized bottles
  6. Lightest Fold-Flat Wheeled Cabin Bag - ideal for any short break, especially if you’re flying away
  7. Ultralight Daysack - useful for day trips and packs down very small
  8. European Double Travel Adaptor - essential gadget for European stays
  9. Anti RFID Scanning Organiser - beat the fraudsters and keep your identity safe when travelling
  10. Child’s Travel Bag Traykit® - perfect for long car, plane or bus journeys to keep your kids entertained
Don’t forget to look at our whole travel collection to view more of our best travel accessories and cool gadgets to suit any short break away. Whether you’re escaping to the coast, the country or visiting a city, we hope you have a wonderful August Bank Holiday.

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