Our top Home and Garden gadgets from our new collection

Published on Monday, 18th April 2016

Multi-purpose Dehumidifying Kit

Portable, versatile and a must for any home during the rainy season, this mini dehumidifier set is cordless, which means that it can be used anywhere with ease. Both low cost and energy efficient, the pods are recharged via the mains in 2-3 hours. Use it in a car, caravan, cupboard, or other places susceptible to excessive moisture and mould, or use the shoe dryer attachment to keep shoes fresh.

Household Hints

Salt, lemon, vinegar and baking powder – the time-proven solutions to everyday problems. Household Hints is a treasure trove of practical applications and recipes for chemical-free cleaning agents, cost-effective pest repellents, or natural personal hygiene products such as shampoos and antiseptics. Conveniently organised by chapters on Cleaning, Food and Cooking, Garden and Garage, Pets and Pests and DIY Beauty, you will be amazed at the multiple uses of everyday ingredients.

Paint Pals

Paint walls like a professional with Paint Pal, a 5-in-1 roller set designed for mess-free, convenient use. This is an essential tool for any professional painter or DIY-er. Designed with a removable and adjustable strap, the paint tray can be filled with 800ml of paint and worn across the body, eliminating the need to constantly climb up and down a ladder to refill the tray. 2 styles are available: Emulsion, for all emulsion or water-based paints which comes with a 50mm paintbrush, or Shed which contains a 100mm specialist wood care block brush.

Kent & Stowe Border Spade

As the buds begin to open, give your garden a fresh, clean look with straight and ordered edges. Designed in the UK, the Kent & Stowe Border Spade has been beautifully hand crafted using 40% lighter Ash wood with a traditional YD shaped handle and stainless-steel shank.

Cane Supports

Designed for use with grow bags where the soil level is shallow, keep your vegetable plants upright and supported using this clever FirmFix™ Cane Support System. Each support has a sturdy round plastic base with two 10cm high support tubes to slot your garden canes into. Small plastic wedges are supplied for inserting into the tubes to grip thinner canes.

2-in-1 Ratchet Secateurs

With Spring in full swing, it’s time to prune the garden and clear away the winter blues. These 2-in-1 carbon steel Ratchet Secateurs are lightweight and easy to use, ideal for anyone with arthritis or hand immobility and weaknesses. The super sharp blades can cut through stems up to 18mm thick and, with a flick of a switch, these secateurs can change to ratchet mood for stems up to 22mm. 

Coir Door Mat

Stop mud and dirt being tracked through the house with this natural coir Door Mat. Printed with a quirky Wellington Boot design, this mat will add stylish functionality to your home. With a non-slip rubberised water-resistant backing, the mat will stay securely in place and prevent water damage. Available in a standard or large size.

Battery Operated Pull Light

Add a light, wherever you need one, without calling an electrician! Light up your room, a cupboard, shed or garage with this 1W white LED Pull Light. Hang it anywhere and, with one pull, it can be switched on or off.

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