Our Office Favourites

Published on Monday, 8th August 2016
Today we've quizzed our Buying Team about their favourite products!

Happy Monday, Qwerkiteers! For today’s hot seat, we asked the Buying Team to take a short break from their Christmas Selection meeting (we know – it seems ages away to us too!) to have a cup of tea and tell us all about their favourite products.


Jenny’s favouriteThe Hedgehog Igloo

“I just love it! It’s so sweet, plus you get to help out your local wildlife. Hedgehogs are great to have in your garden – they’re nature’s slug repellent. This little igloo gives hedgehogs a safe haven from predators, and they’re such fun to watch as they snuffle around your garden at twilight.”

Katy’s favouriteThe Table-Top Beech Easel

“This is my favourite, and I don’t even paint! I’d have it as a picture frame, or I’d rest a mirror on it and keep my makeup in the little drawer. It would make a lovely décor accent in any room. I might buy a half finished canvas and pass it off as my own!”

Chloe’s favourite The “Sunday Roast” Carving Board

“You can’t beat a good Sunday roast (even in the middle of a heatwave, I want my roast dinner) and just looking at this board makes my mouth water! It makes a gorgeous centrepiece for any Sunday table. It’s the first thing I’ve bought for my new kitchen.”

Nic’s favouritesExit Spray, and the 15-in-1 Decorator’s Tool

Nic’s gone controversial; she’s torn between two products, so we decided to be nice and let her have both.

“I’ve just moved house, so I have decorating on the brain right now. Rather than go out and buy loads of different tools and then have to find storage for them, I’ve just got this. Job’s a good ’un! The Exit Spray is just brilliant – it really works! The sooner you apply it to a stain, the more effective it is.”

 To be fair, we do now have an office bottle of Exit Spray.  I, in particular, am very good at throwing food down my front…


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